Breaking News: Fukushima in recriticality

At four different places in Japan,Iodine 131 was detected between 15th-25th August.

The half life time of Iodine 131 is about 8 days.

It’s natural to think Fukushima got into the recriticality state.

1) Between 8/15~16,they detected 150 Bq/kg of Iodine 131 from sewage sludge in Tokyo.

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2) Between 8/25~9/6,they also detected 2,300 ~ 4,800 Bq/kg of Iodine 131.

*I posted this article back in 9/8

[Massive amount of Iodine emit on 8/25]

@at3856: 奥州市前沢下水浄化センター汚泥、8月25日採取ヨウ素131が2,300ベクレ なんだこれは・・・

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Sludge sampled on August 25th from Maesawa sewage clarification center in Oshu city, marked 2,300 becquerel in iodine131. What the heck is this…

Klärschlammproben vom 25. August aus der Maesawa Kläranlage in der Stadt Oshu weisen 2,300 Becquerel Iod 131 auf. . Was zum Teufel ist das…

3) and today,they announced they detected Iodine 131 in Niigata and Nagano.


Iodine 131 found in sludge and incinerator ash at sewage treatment plant in Niigata City and in incinerator ash at waste disposal plant in Nagano City

Posted September 8, 2011

Niigata City Sewage Treatment Plant: Iodine 131 in Sludge (September 1, 2011)
Test results (published September 6, 2011)
Sampling date: September 1, 2011
Unit: Bq/kg
Facility / Sample / I131 / Cs134 / Cs 137 / Total Cs
Chubu Sewage Treatment Plant (wet basis) / De-watered sludge / None detected / 60 (27) / 56 (25) / 116 (52)
Chubu Sewage Treatment Plant Incinerator / Incinerator ash / 10 / 21 / 28 / 49
Funami Sewage Treatment Plant (wet basis) / De-watered sludge / 340 (49) / None detected / None detected / None detected /

Nagano City: Iodine 131 found in incinerator ash on August 16, 22 and 26

Iodine 131 wurde in Klärschlamm und Asche einer Müllverbrennungsanlage in der Stadt Niigata sowie einer Abfallbeseitigungsanlage in der Stadt Nagano gefunden.

Gepostet am September 8, 2011
Kläranlage der Stadt Niigata: Iodine 131 in Klärschlamm (1. September 2011)
Testergebnisse (veröffentlicht am 6. September 2011)
Probenentnahme: September 1, 2011
Einheit: Bq/kg
Einrichtung / Probe / I131 / Cs134 / Cs 137 / Cs insgesamt
Chubu Kläranlage (mit Wasser) / entwässerter Schlamm / nichts gefunden / 60 (27) / 56 (25) / 116 (52)
Kläranlage in Chubu / Asche der Müllverbrennungsanlage / 10 / 21 / 28 / 49
Funami Kläranlage (mit Wasser) / entwässerter Schlamm / 340 (49) / nichts gefunden / nichts gefunden / nichts gefunden /

Stadt Nagano: In der Asche der Müllverbrennungsanlage wurde Iod 131 gefunden

요오드 – 131 군마현에서 검색된 지속 후쿠시마 다이이치에서 다시 중요한 백서른한 요오드 니이가타 절대 증거에서 검색된, 나가노, 니이가타와 이와테 요오드는 니이가타 ASH 및 소각로에서 백서른한 하수 슬러지 처리장에서 발견
폐기물 처리에서와 나가노시 도시 소각로 공장에서 ASH
September 여덟, 2011 게시됨
니이가타시의 하수 처리장 : 백서른하나 요오드 (한 9 월, 2 011)에서 슬러지
시험 결과 (9 월 6 일, 2011 게시됨)
September 하나 2 011 : 날짜 샘플링
단위 : BQ / kg
시설 / 샘플 / I131 / Cs134 / 백서른일곱 고사 / 고사 총
중부 하수 처리장 (습식 기준) / 슬러지 / 연중 무휴 데 – 물결 무늬가있는가 / 육십 (스물일곱) / 56 (25) / 백열여섯 (52)를 감지
중부 하수 소각로 플랜트 치료 / 소각로 ASH / 10 / 이십일 / 28 / 마흔아홉
후나미 하수 처리장 (습식 기준) / 데 – 물결 무늬가있는 슬러지 / 삼백마흔 (마흔아홉) / 없음 감지 / 탐지된 없음 / 없음 감지되지 / 나가노시 : 2006 년 3 월에 백서른하나 소각로 애쉬 열여섯에있는 요오드 ,
26 스물두과 이와테현 : 2,300 백서른하나 요오드 슬러지 샘플 결과 8 월 BQ가 / kg 서른한에 백 아흔 BQ / kg과 사백여든 8 월 이십오 다섯에 BQ / kg를 반환 9월 6일.

Having Iodine 131 detected in four different places nearly at once,it’s very likely that Fukushima nuc plant has got into recriticality state again.

For now,no public announcement was made as always.They will announce it when it’s too late.

Now it is not sure that in which reactor the recriticality is starting,but from a source,it might be in the spent fuel pool in the third reactor or the forth reactor ,however it’s still an unconfirmed information.

It has been 6 months,but nothing has been improved. Still even a temperature indicator is not properly set at each reactor.It’s almost 100% sure that fuel rods have melted out and started sinking into the ground in some of the reactors.

It’s rational that recriticality will keep happening continuously for decades ,until all of fuel rods are taken out and kept safe.

The future of this blog is bright.

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