80% of thyroid problem patients became worse in Gunma

Patients who have thyroid problem turned out to have their thyroid hormone decreased after 311.

Dr.Miyashita Kazuya, who is the director of Miyashita clinic published the data at the meeting of Japan thyroid association.

He picked up 1,175 of his patients ,whose thyroids have been stable, with no change / stop of medication, and analyzed the change of a thyroid hormone “Free T4” and thyroid stimulation hormone for 3 months after 3/11.

As a result, 939 (80%) of the patients had Free T4 decreased and thyroid stimulation hormone increased to cover up the decrease of Free T4 .

These patients did not take excessive amount of Iodine ,pregnancy ,bearing ,hay fever for the testing term of the 3 months.

Free T4
Before 3/11: 1.37
After 3/11: 0.92

Thyroid stimulation hormone
Before 3/11: 1.5
After 3/11: 5.2

Dr.Miyashita says, it does not necessarily cause thyroid cancer ,but he has never seen such a change before. Though he does not know the dose level of those patients but continuous observation is needed.

Decrease of Free T4 causes fatigue.

Yomiuri Shimbun

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