620 mSv/h on the first floor of reactor 3

Having Xenon measured at reactor 2, Tepco made up a new word in the academic world just for reacor 2,
which is “temporary spontaneous fossil”.

They didn’t deny the risk for reactor 1 and 3,but they actually didn’t even set filters for the container vessels.

11/5/2011,Tepco ended the press conference within 6 minutes.

In the fruitful conference,they tried to appeal their success but they ended up showing the actual contamination situation at the plant area.

To set the “first” air purifying filter at reactor 3,they swept debris by robots on 11/2 ,3 /2011.

However,even after the decontamination,they measured 210 mSv/h and 620 mSv/h on the first floor of reactor 3.

They admitted they would take more 2 months to set the filters.


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