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I’ve been asking Dr C.Busby about the situation recently.

When I told him how reluctant our local government is, he sent this to me.

(I take Ca tablets too. I hope it will help you too.)

  1. As you can see on my blog ATTENTIONDANGER, I regularly got the URGENT advice to saturate the thyroïde with iodine by a daily intake of 20 g of sea salt during periods of risk.

  2. Pectine, iodine tincture, drinking clay, clay or salt & bicarbonate of soda bath, EPA2 and other omega3&6 oils, beetroot, all types of cabbages and mainly sprouts and fermented food is of most help you can hardly imagine. Of course along with heavy metals detoxifyers, meaning chelators as spirulina , chlorella or other safe seaweeds. This is what you all need very much. Ask Chris Busby to investigate, if you don’t trust this information. After Chernobyl, very large scale researches has shown efficiency of all this. Taking Ca pills is good , but firstly not the best for everybody, then not enough for your health and thirdly, might not stay available for everyone if all of you want it at the same time! Be carefull with the most important subject which is health of many people.
    YOU MUST type radiation detox and find how to use all this stuff and why. You could enhance and save a lot of good health if you spread this message.
    GO AND LOOK NOW! Choose three you think are the best sites, eventually a japanese one or make translation. I warn you, you can make a big mess in your country if you propose exclusively one thing to do against radioisotops in your bodies, THINK !
    Sit calmly, THINK by yourself and go in your heart.
    Please answer me and ask questions if you want. COURAGE !!!!! and take care.

    1. Thank you for your advice and insight, it will help so many, I truly believe. Right now it seems I have little choice but to travel to Iwaki city in Fukushima on most-likely a two week trip, and I was wondering if the risks are as high during such a short duration. I am not travelling to the area, for myself, but rather for loved ones. My common sense is telling me not to go, but it is not just me concerned in this decision. Please share with me any advice that will appease my fears or help me to protect myself and the ones I love.

      I appreciate any words you can offer.

      1. Detoxification from radiation is bull and advertising otherwise is criminal. If you go into the no man’s land for two weeks, there is nothing you can do, you’ll get contaminated. If your loved ones stayed in Fukushima, you can only prepare for mourning sooner or later, they’re gone. You always have a choice, nobody has to respect any engagement that leads to death – ANY.

        1. Kukukrine is quite correct. There is a lot you can do to reduce and reverse the considerable damage that radiation can inflict.
          I underwent a similar program when I got exposed to a hazardous chemical and at the time, I thought I was goner. My immune system was in the basement. No less than 3 doctors were shocked at my blood test results. My liver was in great pain…I was in a toxic shock. I had to go to Environmental Health specialists.
          I followed some intensive detox efforts with many of these supplements, Vitamins and minerals, along with medical dry sauna, oxygen, and nutrient IVs. Now I’m totally healthy with all normal tests and look fine! You’d never know! 😉 I have no remaining symptoms and the doctors don’t believe I will have any increased health risks, despite the exposure.

          It honestly took A LOT of work. I recommend that you AVOID the toxic stuff AT ANY COST. Your future medical bills will cost much more than relocating or quitting your job to get to relative safety. Don’t put yourself through that! I was young, otherwise healthy, and lucky.

          If you have to be in Japan, I would always wear a respirator mask. I further recommend generous dosing of these supplements as being critical to detox process: Glutathione and N-Acetyl Cystine (NAC). They are available at most any health food/Vitamin store or compounding pharmacy.

          p.s. The Modified Citrus Pectin cited above is very effective and clinically proven to avert cancer!

          Good luck. After the lessons I’ve learned, I would not go near Fukushima for a personal visit. They should visit you elsewhere for a break!

          1. I concur with Kukukrine on that list of supplements and would add all safe Anti-oxidants. For example, in a study, Chernobyl workers were able to totally reverse some 80% of their radiation-induced medical problems over time with high daily doses of Alpha Lipoic Acid. (600 mg per day for months)

            Your body does want to Heal and can work miracles.
            (it’s not worth it, trust me.)

      2. Hi Logan, I understand your struggle. You can feel how your heart feels and how your respiration feels when you ask yourself one clear question at a time and wait SILENTLY some seconds. If you don’t feel a nice heart feeling or a nice breathing, then something has to be adjusted, a little bit modified, meaning you have to change a little your question. May be something is bothering you like : it is not the right moment, or the right length of stay, or maybe not the right purpose. Maybe you want to go during these tow weeks in some precise other place. Try to precise your project of going or not going, where and for how long. GIVE a little more time and SPACE of tranquility to get YOUR answer. Maybe a key is still not right in your hands now, but it will come. One or two signs in your daily life. Then you will know. It can be a good idea to go therefor you and for your loved ones. It can be not now and on some other time, it can be them coming elsewhere. YOU CAN FEEL it. Let come your feeling and a little more information. Wait your heart feels something clear enough and it will be right. I know you have already answered a lot of these questions, but a little thing is missing. Be just sure you will find your answer soon and I am sure also. You will get answers now and long after too. Your HEART KNOWS.
        I will give in next comment what I would do if my heart did lead me there now.

      3. Hi Logan, start with seeds soaked one night in bottle water or water added of zeolith or water added of bicarbonate of soda. I would choose pumpkin, sunflower, almond and linen seeds. After soaking one night, rinse them and start eating five big spoons of it, let the rest in a bowl with a towel on top of it and rinse them twice a day. Let them in room temperature. You can eat them during four days, every morning, four big spoons of it. Every day they will be a little more sprouting. This is an extremely powerful start. It helps at all four levels 1. 2. 3. & 4. I have mentioned previously. I would use Chl Mg or Nigari salt (one tip of knife) in my morning half glass of water and be sure to eat every day some lacto-fermented food like a miso soup. I ‘d paint a nice drawing on a my skin a cute little drawing of iodine tincture of seven cm wide, making sure I change the place of my drawing each day, always on areas of thin skin is preferable. Avoid white sugar as much as possible. This is a start. You can look what is proposed for radiation detox and make different choices. I know it takes time to digest all this information this is why I give you a first starting suggestion.
        I do these things myself and for my family too, because I wanted my children to know there are efficient things for radioactive contamination. I also want to protect them from the general actual contamination.
        BUT : It is mostly important to make your way through THIS status of victim. Just because this nuclear stuff has in our imagination a too large phantasmagory. This is because it is linked to power… even over-power… of war, death, desease, cure of uncurable deseases, diagnosis through our bodies,… Do you get it? Generally speaking, people are absolutely squeezed with the most extreme fears and odd relationship of dependancy towards something presented as most terrificly powerful. So it is absolutely necessary to me to break through these fears and know what this is all about. Learn how to mobilize this stuff out of your body. You will find out at what doses it can be harmful, what to do then and what to do before, during and after contamination, even what it is living in radioactive areas, because Chernobyl was 30 years ago.
        I emphased on “THIS” because I realized that it’s addressing our deepest fears. That is why people avoid the subject, they fear their profound fears or their reactions to their most deep dreadful feeling, a frozen fear as if they were without ressources and powerless. Which is of course not true.
        As long as you rely on main stream media, you get empty knowledge. Free yourself by learning. I did it before you since march, because I’m in medical profession and had the bases to start researching on the subject. I crossed and over crossed all information I gathered, and I am sure you will get right information trough the web by typing radiation detox or how to detoxify radioactivity. Choose the sites which explains things and give their sources. Be patient, don’t panic, it is long to totally understand, but it slowly comes and you can apply immediately from the beginning.
        Please ask questions when you want. General or specific questions, for animals, soil, children, after a stay in hotspots… I will continue my best to formulate an answer and tell you where to look for crossing confirmation.


  3. If you want to take supplements, cCalcium citrate is the safest and the most absorbable form of calcium.

    Be also aware that calcium carbonate creates kidney stones.

  4. Yes magnesium is not written everywhere as being of the greatest importance, so take it with calcium tablets if you can or in other ways such as nigari salts or Chl Mg (20g per liter of water, in a glass bottle-important-, drink a quater of a dl in the morning is best). Selenium is part of the list of antioxydants like EPA2 and omega3 and 6 oils.

    Four axis are the main guidelines :

    1. Decrease the intake of radionucléids ( Ca, Mg, clay, iodine tncture, activated charcoal, miso, spirulina,…)
    2. Increase detoxifying of radionucleids (= radioisotops) (chelators like pectine, spirulina, clean seeweads, alginates,…)
    3. Repair radiation damages in your cell membranes and in your cell’s nuclei (DNA) by adding a lot of antioxydants like selenium, EPA2, Omeg3&6 oils, sprouts,…
    4. Enhance immune system and help blood cells (beetroot, pollen, yeast,… and so many possibilities you know also!)

    Will you trust good mother nature now or continue depending on pharmaceutics linked with government linked with … ?

    I am not offering you just grand mothers good recepies, all of this is evidence based scientifically on large scale researches and for the first time good healthy affordable foods and supplies everyone can take.

    Remember anyway taking for a too long period of time the same supplement or food is never a good idea, you need to change every month. Otherwise saturation will occur and after some time some imbalance will create slight problems and not be of any help anymore… LISTEN AND THINK

    A lot of people look here, SPREAD the message, healthtime is flowing. Too much radioactivity and too much non assessment we already know it now!


  5. Mochizuki-san, there is abundant detox info on the web. Look after yourself, think for yourself, be discerning.

  6. I think Dr. Busby’s supplement advice is the minimum someone should do who is stuck in a contaminated part of Japan and/or may be eating contaminated food. There are so many radiation “detox” supplements written about online it’s hard to know what works and where to start. So I really appreciate this advice as well as the advice about which foods to avoid.

    I’ve been feeling like it’s an “every man for himself” situation in Japan, which is partly why I left. I also have a 2 year old.

    I doubt there will be a shortage of calcium supplements, worldwide anyway. It’s very easy to buy children’s calcium/magnesium supplements in the U.S. The U.S. store iHerb.com ships internationally (cheaply too) and even has a Japanese website (www.iherb.com/?l=ja). Koshervitamins.com is another nice place I’ve used that ships internationally, but it’s all in English. There are probably lots more… Some of the children’s multivitamins contain selenium, but usually the multivitamins don’t contain very much calcium.

    I hope parents in Japan will take Dr. Busby’s advice!

  7. There’s no need to get into a flap about supplements. For example, calcium citrate can be made easily at home. There are many ways of doing it, but a simple approach is to soak crushed eggs shells in lemon juice, and skim off the fluid. You can even put the goo through a food blender and keep it in the fridge. Skim off a teaspoon of the froth and eat it with whatever–salad, for example. Check what is best to accompany it for maximum absorption.

    Do your homework and think for yourself, rather than waiting for some flake to do your thinking for you. And remember, Wikipedia is the Memory Hole.

    1. flakes? The only flakes now are those who actually think that triple meltdown radiation is good for you and that you should stay anywhere near Fukushima Daiichi. I hope some Japanese will starting thinking and ACTING–please!

    2. I confirm the recipe “egg in lemon juice for one night” to get the calcium, to drink on an empty stomach once a day.

      BETTER (than calcium and magnesium) TAKE SODIUM CHLORIDE

  8. I did some research about the radioactive contamination of fish due to the Fukushima Nuclear Disaster and I found the following very interesting research paper, but the research paper is in German:
    Titel: Zu den Auswirkungen der Reaktorkatastrophe von Fukushima auf den Pazifik und die Nahrungsketten
    Edited by: Von Stephan Moldzio, Thomas Dersee, Dirk Zimmermann, Josef Lutz,Rolf Bertram, Anton Eisenhauer, Rainer Frentzel-Beyme
    Link: http://www.offene-akademie.org/wp-content/plugins/downloads-manager/upload/110707_pazifik_artikel.pdf

    The research paper says that most of the radiactive isotopes will sink into the sediment of the ocean. Demersal fish http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Demersal_fish, algies and molusks should be avoided. Nevertheless phytoplancton can absorbe radiactive nuclides and pass it on into the aquatic foodchain even to pelagic fish, I think Tuna (high on the foodchain)has a highest risk of being a bioaccumulator of radiactive isotopes and landing on someones plate.
    I would eat any octopus either because they eat molusks.

  9. You shouldn’t eat any fish any more from Japan without having checked it for irradiation.
    Better have tinned fish from abroad !

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