[Column] About the decrease of the number of articles

Being ordered is annoying, but not being ordered sometimes makes you anxious. You must take all the responsibility by yourself.

I look back, should I have written that way or shouldn’t ? sometimes in anxiety, sometimes in fear.
but I feel the most feared when I think if I didn’t do it being too coward at that moment.
If I didn’t leave Japan, if I didn’t quit google adsense etc..
Changing is abandoning old things to let the new things in.
Recent Fukushima Diary articles are heavy and thick. It’s way deeper than old articles. Please be patient with the small supply of posts. In total, the volume of news is bigger than before.

I hate talking about money but roughly speaking, the number of the articles and donation amount are in proportion. so this new way of reporting is killing me because it reduces the number of the posts = donation. but I didn’t want to stay at the same point. Don’t know how it goes, but you can’t go anywhere without taking the risk.

What makes Fukushima Diary unique is the stance that it walks with the readers. It discovers the fact, learns, and cries with the readers altogether because I am one of the victims. That’s why it has its roots on FB, Twitter and other SNS too.

Donation is still a new way of running a website in this world. Fukushima Diary took the risk so it can remove the annoying advertisement or subscribing fee. I hope to learn and improve this new system with the readers that potentially might be an alternative way of exchanging value after the failing capitalism.
As I write by myself, I sometimes want to bang my head against the wall.

So far, at least 2 explosions are suspected to have been hidden. There are still more plant parameters concealed. If they all show additional hidden explosions, I was exposed to more than 6 explosion of the nuclear plant in the distance of 3 hours drive. I should have moved immediately after 311.
(cf, Tepco may be hiding unknown explosion occurred on 3/16/2011 [Link 1])
(cf, [Concealed explosion at reactor2?] D/W pressure jumped up twice on 3/16/2011 [Link 2])
(cf, 3/21/2011-The day G.Washington evacuated Yokosuka, possible explosion happened in reactor3 to melt the concrete of PCV [Link 3])

I’m already exposed to the numbers of explosions. I don’t hope so much. In the meantime before I can’t work, I’ll spend the rest of time of flipping the world. You might think why I’m wandering about. Soon you’ll see why.


Français :

[Édito] A propos de la baisse du nombre d’articles

Recevoir des ordres est gênant mais ne pas en recevoir rend anxieux. On doit prendre toutes les responsabilités soi-même.

En regardant en arrière, est-ce que j’aurais du écrire ainsi, ou non ? Parfois dans l’anxiété, parfois dans la peur.
mais je ressens ce qui fait le plus peur quand je pense à si je n’avais pas été trop lâche au moment où.
Si je n’avais pas quitté le Japon, si je n’avais pas abandonné Google Adsense, etc…
Changer c’est abandonner les vieilles choses pour faire la place aux nouvelles.
Les récent articles du Fukushima Diary sont lourds et denses. C’est une façon d’aller plus loin qu’avec les vieux articles. Merci d’être patients sur leur faible débit actuel. Au total, le volume des nouveaux est supérieur à avant.

Je déteste parler d’argent mais pour parler cru, le nombre d’articles et le montant des dons sont liés. donc cette nouvelle manière de rendre compte me tue parce qu’elle réduit le nombre d’articles-dons. Mais je ne veut pas rester au même niveau. Je ne sais pas comment ça va évoluer, on pourrait aller n’importe où ailleurs en prenant moins de risques.

Ce qui rend le Fukushima Diary unique, c’est sa posture face à ses lecteurs. Il découvre les faits, apprend et pleure avec les lecteurs parce que je suis une des victimes. C’est pour ça qu’il plonge ses racines dans FB, Twitter et d’autres réseaux sociaux aussi.

Ne reposer que sur les dons est toujours une façon nouvelle de faire tourner un site web dans ce monde. Le Fukushima Diary a pris le risque et il peut en écarter les publicités ennuyeuses et les abonnements. J’espère apprendre et améliorer avec les lecteurs ce nouveau système qui peut éventuellement devenir une alternative d’échange de valeurs dans ce capitalisme décati.
Comme j’écris moi-même, j’ai parfois envie de me taper la tête contre le mur.

Pour l’instant, au moins 2 explosions ont sans toute été cachées. Des paramètres usine sont toujours censurés. S’ils montrent tous d’autres explosions cachées, j’ai été exposé à plus de 6 explosions à trois heures de route de la centrale nucléaire. J’aurais du partir immédiatement après le 11 mars.
(cf. Tepco cache peut-être qu’une autre explosion s’est produite le 16 mars 2011 [Lien1])
(cf. [Explosion censurée du réacteur 2 ?] la pression de l’enceinte sèche a sauté deux fois le 16 mars 2011 [Lien2])
(cf. 21 mars 2011 – Le jour où le G.Washington a évacué Yokosuka il y a sans doute eu une explosion faisant fondre le béton de la PCV dans le réacteur 3 [Lien3])

J’ai été exposé à toutes ces explosions. Je n’espère pas beaucoup. Entre temps, avant de ne plus pouvoir travailler, je vais passer mon temps à parcourir le monde. Vous pouvez vous demander pourquoi j’erre ainsi. Vous le verrez bientôt.

  1. I am not sure I understand what you mean by being “ordered”.

    Do you mean not being independent (with your blog), by comparison with being so and all the responsibilities that go with it?

    That’s what I think you mean, but I’m not so sure.

    1. Seems that “being ordered” means being told what to do. Taking orders or instructions from someone else is easier than figuring it all out. Which-what-how-where-why… based purely on your own speculation, wits, and assessment. Not otherwise knowing which is the “right” thing to do. I hear you on that, Iori!! It’s like true warrior training, and you surely are a warrior in this!

      I’m sorry i cannot contribute Iori, i am barely getting by myself. But i can keep referring people to your site, and hopefully at least a few have the means to contribute.

      Take care of yourself bro, and maybe it would be a good idea to take liposomal vitamin C (vitamin C bound with lecithin), which has been found to reverse effects of cancer or radiation. Here’s one article http://www.naturalnews.com/034591_vitamin_C_mega-dose_healing.html . Turmeric helps protect from gene mutations too. And zeolite can draw out radioactive nuclides – a great company for that, which tests for heavy metals and radioactivity before bottling it, is Health Force (at http://www.healthforce.com). They make other great formulas too, like spirulina, and they test everything for toxins and radiation. Beet juice has been shown to help with effects from chemo/radiation therapy. Raw apple cider vinegar is good for a huge number of things. Etc.
      I’m sure you have already found out about these things, but do you have anyone around you who makes sure you do it? It can be hard to be motivated when we’re on our own.

      Being in southern California, i may have gotten hit by radiation too. Not as much as you, but in a pretty continuous stream. Maybe a regular forum only for remedies and preventative measures would be useful here, for anyone (particularly in Japan) who has been exposed. Not that you need yet another thing to work on! But anyone who has the info can post it themselves, so you don’t have to keep up.

      Take a break if you need to! You are worth it, and you have to stay healthy! Don’t get yourself sick! Build up your immune system. Maybe find a partner to help with this site? Or just post an “out to lunch” notice and get off it for a few days if need be…

      Sorry to harass, just concerned about you.
      Happy trails, and good laughs to you!

  2. Let your posts backed by Facts and your analysis be why we come here to read your posts .
    Let the number of people reading your posts be your reward .

    And when you just can’t anylonger survive on Donations go find a job and don’t waste your time posting anylonger , after all you already proved yourself enough to convince the people who can afford to donate . So if they don’t , Let that be Their problem … ( $ 5 a month from one thousand readers would be close to covering expenses , just $ five a Month ! ) .

    If you ponder how long it takes to research the information and write Daily articles you would have no problem wondering how Iori can pay his bills if he spends all day researching and writing … for You to be informed !

  3. I think you should put your old donation information back up on the front page to encourage folks to help you out. I honestly believe taking it down because of one person was constantly complaining was a bad idea.

    My opinion, everyone has one, take it for what it’s worth.

    Safe Travels.

  4. Mochizuki,
    You are doing your best, where some people are just acting like if nothing happened.
    The fact that YOU are still standing in front of people hiding the truth is way, WAY enough for me, and for the others I guess.
    By posting daily news, you proved us that even nowadays, there are still people able to ignore something worst than Tchernobyl…
    You’ll have my support (moral and financial) as long as you’ll write, and my best wishes and hopes for this year.


  5. Capitalism is not failing. Capitalism is being subjected to the new communism called globalization. Capitalist industries of the west and Japan are now being stolen by other nations. You can’t have a successful capitalist system with other nations stealing your industries. No economic system can survive the theft of its industries.

    Globalization is the new communism. That is why capitalism is “failing”. Capitalism triumphed in the late 90s and communism failed.

    Don’t mistake industrial theft by communist nations as “success”. Bank robbers are “successful” too.

  6. you guys have to go,you are being microwaved from the inside out.your government dosen’t give a rat ass for you neither does mine ..GO MAN GO

  7. Capitalism posits that the world is an infinite resource and an infintie garbage can. Capitalism is finished.

    Capitalism requires endless growth, cancer-like, on a finite planet. Capitalism is finished.

    Capitalism requires that someone other than the worker appropriate the surplus profits generated by the same. Why is Japan a rich country? Because Cambodia, Thailand and rural China are poor countries. Because Japanese companies and others locate in non-union, low wage, low regulation, low education and therefore high profit areas like the American south and the other places listed above. Enough already. Cambodians and rural Thais and Chinese are just as human as any Japanese or American. Capitalism is finished.

    Capitalism requires a return on capital – that is, savings accounts require more than 0.025% interest paid per anum coming out of lunatic assylums like the BOJ and The Fed. Capitalism under this regime is dead and finished.

    Take your capitalism to another planet and kill that one. Let this one live. Capitalism R.I.P.

  8. @Doru : Maybe you need to have a bit more empathy / respect. How can you say “go find a job” to a nuclear refugee who left his country,don’t have official visa anywhere for the moment, but has the courage to write since 2011 about Fukushima everyday ? FD is not a simple blog, it’s precious archives. It has huge value. If 3000 people give 1 euro each month, it will largely pay the bills and could be enough to live decently. It is not the amount but people’s attention that matters. And for me, Fukushima Diary is a genuine work that deserves to be rewarded. Iori has to survive, and he’s doing it with dignity.

    @Iori : You have my sincere friendship and my full support.

    1. @Alizen : you need to read Doru’s post more carefully , he suggested finding a job when no other option is available , i.e. no donors

      1. I’m not saying Doru is a bad person. I’m saying that he can maybe have a little bit more delicacy. Iori has no visa, no official home since 2011. So he can’t find a job right now as he says. Things are not so easy. Iori doesn’t want to go back to Japan, and everybody knows why. He’s actually searching for a solution : a country that could accept his immigration. People have to understand, for the moment, this blog is the only way for him to survive. It is not a game, it’s serious. So please, help Iori, in order him to be able to continue this precious blog. He is the only person who can do what he does. I have never seen someone posting a blog like this, not for a hobby but to be a witness of a nuclear crime against humanity and environment.

  9. Hang in there Lori!

    I’ve just sent you a otoshidama. And for another small gift:


    Smile and be proud if you decide to listen to it. : )

    I’d be pulling my hair out (what’s left of it) without being able to go to your web site everyday, 5 times a day. I’m in Hiroshima, we just had a small 3.something earthquake here 20 minutes ago. I know your constantly on the move, but I do hope you get the chance and find a little dive bar and hang out with the locals and make some friends. Look at it this way, at least you don’t have to listen to those idiot Yankees on the idiot noisy motorcycles anymore LOL

  10. It seems to me that one of the problems w capitalism is people don’t notice small incremental changes happening for the worse. Nobody has an attention span for it, then all those small bad things add up in time and you have a monster. Iori, I will be donating soon… I truly appreciate your work and the efforts you put into helping people stay informed.

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