Reactor 2 may be over 90℃

Reactor may be 90℃, not 70℃.

Cold shut down is based on the assumption that the heat gauge has 20℃ of error.
The definition of “cold” shut down is when the bottom of the temperature is below 80℃ because it may be 100℃ taking the error into consideration.

A Japanese independent journalist tweeted like below.

あれ?2号機95度って聞いてるけど?まだ70とか言ってんの?内部は95で焦ってるよ? Source
What ? I heard that reactor 2 is 95℃. Are they still saying it’s 70℃ ? People inside of Tepco is pressed to say it’s already 95.

騙されてるとゆーか、内部の温度計は一部分にだけ設置、かつ性能は普通なため、プラマイ20度の違いはあるわけです。あとは煙の量などから判断するわけですが。今現在は85度以上になっており、煙も多く出ていることからゆうに95度はあると判断しているようです。ただその情報がすぐに国民に Source



The heat gauge is not enough, and it has error of 20℃, so they assume the temperature from the amount of smoke as well. but the gauge is actually showing over 85℃, and lot of smoke is coming up. They therefore seem to judge it’s over 95℃.

The problem is, the data is not published to the people. However, because a lot of people are wanting to know that, they shouldn’t publish the data maybe. but we have the right to know. It’s difficult.



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