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As I said on my last video, fixers are working so hard so no one reports what is going on in our bodies.

My parents are living in Yokohama, about 250 km south to Fukushima.
They both have pain in joints. The joints of fingers. At first my dad told he can’t hold a pen. We thought that’s because he used his fingers too much because drawing is job. and he can’t hold chopstics. He goes to the hospitals but they give him just stupid massage and nothing gets better. That was last Autumn.
and about last month, my mom told me she’s got pain in the joints too. I didn’t know that because she didn’t tell me. but they both have pain in joints. She said she can’t even text on mobile phone. and she’s going to a hospital, but they just give her stupid massage or try to stretch the hand or anything and nothing’s solved either. She’s also been having diarrhea since last Autumn.
I tell her that’s probably cesium or maybe that’s the 8400 Bq/kg of radioactive lead but she never listen to me for some reason.
Also, my old coworker was looking so pale when I was in Japan, big bags under eyes, and was always really tired.

2 of my friend’s friend got leukemia, one of my friends’ daughter, 2 years old got acute leukemia around last Xmas, 3 mothers got dead birth.
One of my friends from university got brain infarct when he was travelling to Chiba. I don’t know why he went to hotspot and even paid for it, but he got a terrible headache at his hotel, hands shook so bad and puked a lot. was sent to a hospital and survived but he was still 27 years old. He’s living around in Kawasaki, between Yokohama and Tokyo.

and one of my friends went to see her husband’s friend at a hospital, she was giving a birth. and she was so scared because she looked so old. Fast aging. got so skinny, looking pale, less hair, and bruise from legs to hands. It’s just so crazy.

I think most of the people have something bad but they don’t tell it to each other so they don’t just share it. so nobody associates it with radiation.
There are some information about human deformation but someone collecting the info doesn’t want to publish the data yet.

The person who saw the new dying mother is really wanting to leave Japan. She’s European. but her husband is saying nuclear is nothing, nothing’s so serious, it’s just a harmful rumor bla bla bla. and she doesn’t have money so she can’t even leave. So many other wives and mothers are having the same problem. It’s not even the matter of divorce or not. It’s more serious and realistic. It’s the matter of money and life.
They can not escape because they can’t even buy an airplane ticket. so I told her she should write some articles on fukushima diary so I can give her the donated money. This is one of the reasons why I started Fukushima diary. I hope it to be for everyone to make money for their intelligence. so we let the world know more about the truth.
If someone writes an article on this blog other than me, I’d be happy if you consider supporting them. There are lots of mothers in the similar situation. I personally think their husbands are murderers.


  1. Sexism and hatred of women shows its true colors now. Maybe those men have financial interests in the nuclear industry, directly or indirectly. Why else would thinking people go along with the “harmful rumor” propaganda if they don’t have an interest in the current dysfunctional, socially-stratified system? Similar things will happen in the U.S., even though some of it may be more subtle. What happens to Japan will happen in the U.S.. We are all Japan.

  2. lori Mochizuki,

    I have been following your blog for the past few months. When 311 happened, in my gut I knew that this was something significant although I am the first to admit I know very little about nuclear plants and what goes on. Just something seemed wrong with the follow-up.. as if this was insignificant.

    I read the articles here and do try to understand… the comments do help.

    I am shocked at the coverup that is happening. I read your above message and could no longer just read. Although I have no knowledge to contribute, I want you to know I care for you, your family, and those in Japan. I check in daily. I pray the coverup is exposed and many people can be saved.


  3. This is the test, can Japan reconsile with China and/or the rest of the area.
    They have to, and the only solution to this is that they Seek Asylum in China as an example.
    Under the UN sharter of genoside and general neglegt, .a.s.o.

    Thats something that wil be notised and hopefully the Chines(just an example, it can be other countrys as wel) respos is humane and do understands the graveness inside Japan and the ongoing respons to the Fukushima site.
    And i firmly belive the Chies goverment is monitoring this at highest level.
    No doubt about that, I would have done the same.
    But as the rest of the world we rely on the utterly corrupt goverment and a Nuk.ind that has lied since day 1.
    And stil lies.

    There are ways to act that can force the poltics to react, regardles of old dogmas and “cultureal undertsandings reganding Womens rights as individuals, not some limb atached to a Man”.

    Be loud and proud, and kick ass.
    It helps.
    Protect the future generation, regardles of what the so caled Men are driveling about. Men are usaly utterly covard in essens and violent in nature. If not propery educated he wil be a brainless brut, the rest of their miserable lifes.
    Have No pity on them, whining is their game.


    “It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog.”
    ― Mark Twain

  4. You are really brave and kind to try to help people by sharing what donations you get. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  5. You are really brave and kind to share what you get from donations with people who want to get away.

    Thank you.

  6. For any and all pain and sores I use DMSO. Excellent Free Radical scavenger, topical pain killer, and enhances the structure of normal cells against cancerous ones.

    In the US the FDA and pharma companies are sleeping together so we have to use the “solvent grade” and get it in animal feed stores or order from the net like: At the same time US firms are making 9 different grades of DMSO from “Europrean Pharma” to “Vetrinary” to “Solvent grade”.

    It only has two side effects: can make your breath taste like garlic and can cause skin irritation. To eliminate the possibility of skin irritation I just add water if it stings: still works even when diluted.

    This is about all the help I can be at this point.

    Best wishes.

  7. Dear Iori Mochizuki,
    The symptoms that you are describing may indeed be radiation poisoning, however there is another insidious illness with the same set of symptoms, it is called SCURVY, it is the lack of vitamin ‘C’. a lack of it will allow blood to leak into joints and cause pain. a lack of it will cause bruise-like symptoms, really, it is bood leaking under the skin. a lack of it will cause blood vesicles to become weak, this leads to strokes, nosebleeds, etc. the skin color will change and it will become grayish. it is required to make collagen and without collagen the body can not heal properly and so it ages faster. also hair will fall out and so will teeth. and diarrhea too. so i suspect that a great many people have stopped eating fresh fruits and vegetables and are succumbing to the effects of scurvy. a simple vitamin pill can make it all go away and go away rapidly. it would be a very nasty affair to not ask questions about what it is people are eating now versus before this nuclear nightmare. as with all the rightful paranoia about the food being contaminated, i really suspect simple scurvy could be behind a lot of suffering in japan. that does not mean that i think that there are not people that are sick and dying from all the radioactive heavy metals. i believe that there are, i just dont think like everyone else and believe it would be a tragic event for anyone to die from scurvy while believing there sickness were caused by radiation.

    1. try the following google searches:

      scurvy hair falling
      scurvy joint pain
      scurvy aging
      scurvy fatigue
      scurvy diarrhea
      scurvy headache
      scurvy stroke

      note try googling: “vitamin c” radiation

  8. All the health problems you are talking about were predicted from the beginning of this nuclear disaster in otherworldly Messages I’m receiving daily and publishing most on my blog
    It’s up to everyone to believe in it or not, but until now, all that was predicted, all the warnings and recommendations, all advice given was right and well justified. The Other World is far-sighted, Man is short-sighted. If Man had more confidence in the otherworldly Messages sent to protect Mankind from his man-made problems and consequences, all against Nature, Man would be better off.
    I’m spending much of my time publishing to hopefully contribute some help to at least those who may listen and believe.
    Blessings to all !

  9. Dear lori Mochizuki,

    We would be happy to post any stories about parents and their children on our site to assist in raising awareness. Also, if you are interested perhaps a Bloggers Unite ( campaign can be launched. If these women (and fathers) come forward I am sure that we can raise awareness and help secure funds. These stories need to be told.

    Thank you for Fukushima Diary.You are a hero.Stay well.

  10. I think the Joint pain can come from Strontium…Calcium/bone supplements are a must to offset that.

    So sorry to hear about the wives and children!….There’s always carpooling or vanpooling, coach or freight class on trains, busses, etc.

    Where there’s a will, there’s a way!!

    1. Besides, supplements are vitamins can be justified to anyone after so many natural and man-made disasters hitting the region!….

  11. Dear Iori Mochizuki,
    I think also that some of the symptoms you are describing may be caused or aggravated by lack of good qualty food containing vitamins, mierals, enzymes, etc.
    A solution is to take a whole range of micronutriments with a good food supplement. I am thinking about Green Magma, an extract of green barley leaves invented by Dr Hagiwara, and it is well known and used in Europe and the States. It comes also under the name of Barley Green from Oita, and I use it for many years because now modern vegetables are depleted in vital micronutriments. In Japan now, probably many people don’t eat enough fresh vegetables. So such a supplement can change the life of people. See:
    I learned also from Source : THE CANCER PREVENTION DIET, by Michi KUSHI & Alex JACK
    ST MARTIN’S GRIFFIN, NEW YORK, that an adequate diet help very much to resist to radioactivity as some peoiple had the experience in A-bombed Hiroshime and Nagasaki. Even if the contamination is different, still according to the In Yo law of balance, radioactivity is extremely In and people exposed or contaminated should eat much on the Yo tendancy. No sugar, no fruits, no white rice but brown rice. This book contains several pages of very pertinent advices. I do hope that there is a japanese edition.
    Now let’us hope and send positive thoughts for a better control of the Fukushima Powerplant.

    indeed be radiation poisoning, however there is another insidious illness with the same set of symptoms, it is called SCURVY, it is the lack of vitamin ‘C

    1. I take vitamine complex. All the other people don’t care about food. They haven’t changed their diet.
      I think that’s waste of time to point out the basic issues.

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