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As I said on my last video, fixers are working so hard so no one reports what is going on in our bodies.

My parents are living in Yokohama, about 250 km south to Fukushima.
They both have pain in joints. The joints of fingers. At first my dad told he can’t hold a pen. We thought that’s because he used his fingers too much because drawing is job. and he can’t hold chopstics. He goes to the hospitals but they give him just stupid massage and nothing gets better. That was last Autumn.
and about last month, my mom told me she’s got pain in the joints too. I didn’t know that because she didn’t tell me. but they both have pain in joints. She said she can’t even text on mobile phone. and she’s going to a hospital, but they just give her stupid massage or try to stretch the hand or anything and nothing’s solved either. She’s also been having diarrhea since last Autumn.
I tell her that’s probably cesium or maybe that’s the 8400 Bq/kg of radioactive lead but she never listen to me for some reason.
Also, my old coworker was looking so pale when I was in Japan, big bags under eyes, and was always really tired.

2 of my friend’s friend got leukemia, one of my friends’ daughter, 2 years old got acute leukemia around last Xmas, 3 mothers got dead birth.
One of my friends from university got brain infarct when he was travelling to Chiba. I don’t know why he went to hotspot and even paid for it, but he got a terrible headache at his hotel, hands shook so bad and puked a lot. was sent to a hospital and survived but he was still 27 years old. He’s living around in Kawasaki, between Yokohama and Tokyo.

and one of my friends went to see her husband’s friend at a hospital, she was giving a birth. and she was so scared because she looked so old. Fast aging. got so skinny, looking pale, less hair, and bruise from legs to hands. It’s just so crazy.

I think most of the people have something bad but they don’t tell it to each other so they don’t just share it. so nobody associates it with radiation.
There are some information about human deformation but someone collecting the info doesn’t want to publish the data yet.

The person who saw the new dying mother is really wanting to leave Japan. She’s European. but her husband is saying nuclear is nothing, nothing’s so serious, it’s just a harmful rumor bla bla bla. and she doesn’t have money so she can’t even leave. So many other wives and mothers are having the same problem. It’s not even the matter of divorce or not. It’s more serious and realistic. It’s the matter of money and life.
They can not escape because they can’t even buy an airplane ticket. so I told her she should write some articles on fukushima diary so I can give her the donated money. This is one of the reasons why I started Fukushima diary. I hope it to be for everyone to make money for their intelligence. so we let the world know more about the truth.
If someone writes an article on this blog other than me, I’d be happy if you consider supporting them. There are lots of mothers in the similar situation. I personally think their husbands are murderers.


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