Black substance emits 45.699μSv/h of alpha ray

Black substance emits 45.699μSv/h of alpha ray


Black substance emits 45.699μSv/h of alpha ray2


Black substance emits 45.699μSv/h of alpha ray3


Black substance emits 45.699μSv/h of alpha ray4


Black substance emits 45.699μSv/h of alpha ray5


Black substance emits 45.699μSv/h of alpha ray6


Black substance emits 45.699μSv/h of alpha ray7


Black substance emits 45.699μSv/h of alpha ray8


Black substance emits 45.699μSv/h of alpha ray9



Volunteer group in Fukushima, HCR (Cf. this article Life in 20km) found the black substance in Minami soma.
They found it at more than 12 locations, including school road.

It looks like a wet part of the asphalt, is very difficult to recognize.

Prof. Yamauchi from Kobe university measured 1,080,000 Bq/Kg of cesium. It’s assumed to be from reactor 3.

HCR measured

α : 45.699μSv/h

It includes high level of alpha nuclides.

This area was evacuating zone but Japanese government lifted the restriction last September, so citizens are still living including adults and children.

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Français :

La substance noire émets 45 699 μSv/h de rayonnements α


(9 photos)

Le HCR, groupe de bénévoles de Fukushima, (cf. La vie à 20 km) a trouvé de la substance noire à Minami soma.
Ils l’ont trouvée en plus de 12 lieux, dont une rue d’école.
Ça ressemble à une portion d’asphalte mouillée, il est très difficile de la reconnaître.
Le Pr. Yamauchi de l’université de Kobe y a relevé 1 080 000 Bq/kg de césium. On pense qu’elle provient du réacteur 3.

Le HCR a relevé :
γ+β+α : 61 321 μSv/h
γ+β : 15 622 μSv/h
α : 45 699 μSv/h

Ceci inclus un haut niveau en alpha nucléides.
Cet endroit était dans la zone évacuée mais le gouvernement japonais a levé l’interdiction en septembre dernier, donc des gens y vivent toujours, adultes et enfants.

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  1. Here is my explanation of what I call the Black G☢☢

    I believe that the reason for the high Cesium counts is the interaction of Earth Quakes (EQ’s) with the Corium(s) with the groundwater below the complex and that may even be cause of the Black Dust that is now being widely observed in Northern Japan.

    EQ’s + H☢T Corium(s) + Ground water = (Hydro Corium) Fissioning

    Fissioning + Time => Radioactive Steam Releases => Black Dust

    Black Dust + the burning of radioactive Debris forms Black G☢☢

  2. Notice in the great images that those working with the Black G☢☢ are wearing full suits and face masks while the locals have no such equipment of their own!

    Rule of thumb: If responders are wearing equipment then “civilians” should not be told that the area is OK and safe, especially for their children which are far more vulnerable to radioactive exposure!

    Question where did this Black G☢☢ come from and more importantly where was it before it was found on the asphalt, in someone else’s yard, a home or was there more of it that got inhaled as dust???

  3. This substance needs a name. I thought up the following.

    Fukutonium- No, that would implicate the innocent people of Fukushima who had nothing to do with the disaster.

    Daiichitonium- That’s OK but it isn’t catchy.It sounds too stuffy. Like something a professor would come up with.

    Tepcotonium- Yeah, this is a good one. The name sounds like a soft drink. The drink would come in lead lined cans but that’s OK. The radiation would kill long before the lead poisoning symptoms took effect.

    What do you think? Are any of these names good?

  4. This substance might be a narrow scoped radioactive based carbon?
    Could have arisen from the give-off from one of the reactors, however stayed in a tight pattern till it had fallen cohesively to the ground?
    All is not currently known about the ejecta from these reactors and or as to whether or not that the radioactive signatures from these effluents can be absorbed back into nature?
    It is noted that some wild animals such as horses seemed to have repopulated near the Chernobyl now defunct reactors. This reappearance of wild life, but without the gene signatures of a classically defined misshapen monster.
    Alpha is that not hard hitting. Could have been from a period of past reactor time, to where this particular mixture had been created.
    *Note, mankind is a much more complex being than simple wildlife in the controlled unaltered replication of genes.
    Maybe a parallel study could aid Japan in determining what to expect with at least some effluent give-off within Chernobyl’s past records, so Japanese scientist are not so much in the dark?

  5. We were in Minami-Soma from Feb 27-March 2. We found similar Black Substance hot spots. At the sites we were at, we detected very little Alpha, mostly Beta & Gamma. But we had heavy snowfall & rainfall previous to our survey. We analyzed the black substance with an Identifier and found not only Cesium-137, but significant amounts of Colbat-60. In some areas just northwest of Minamisoma, in the mountains of O-Nami, we found only Cobalt-60. Nasty stuff. Thanks for pointing that phenomena out to us. We knew what to look for and focus on with our decon efforts.

  6. If their saying it was dust then that sounds like maybe the pollination traveling died in its natural former & turned black & feel naturally as pollinating would, only it was contaminated in the air. Or maybe this black stuff is mold&/or some bacteria that travels in the air… honestly if they knew they wont release the information & do the honorable thing now would they? Its not so easy to let them move away. or even help them move from their homes… they would have to induce nuclear contaminated tracking devices under their skin to keep track of everyone who is already contaminated. Now that’s just to difficult & to cost worthy… just let them stay there and rot in the worst catastrophe known to mankind! So much for an Honor worthy government!

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