Tap water glows blue

Citizen’s volunteer group HCR tweeted like this below,





[Attention to tap water] Tap water glows blue. A Minamisoma citizen reported emergency. From hearing about, tap water turn to be blow, looks like it’s glowing at the bottom of bathtub. Citizens got worried, called waterworks department of the city government but they declined checking it.






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12 Responses to “Tap water glows blue”

  1. huroind says:

    Guess what, underwater reservoir got penetrated by Corium. Maybe add some photos of this water in the tub?

  2. xyz says:

    water is blue, so why shouldn’t it glow blue?

    • Lloyd says:

      Water, is actually colorless. It is the particulates in the water that give it color, along with other factors.

  3. Jan says:

    LED Tap?

  4. jec says:

    This is not good. It makes a really good case for ground water contamination…that blue glow..is seen in nuclear plants as well. Guess Japan becomes one HUGE reactor? Now how to catch the energy..and make a buck..is probabaly on the minds of the government right now. No..wait..they will just charge the citizen who HAS radiation..

    • Richard Perry says:

      That is a good post we have to smile now and then after all hell has broken out.

      • Mochizuki says:

        I feel like it’s a mass generated blue-green alga. That sounds like joke but I pretty much trust/admire HCR. They don’t spread baseless rumor.

  5. scared says:

    hi, i was thinking of Cherenkov radiation. But this effect would only be visible when there is something in the tapwater that is able to accelerate a large number of electrons to over 75% the speed of light. Do you think, this could be possible with normal uninduced radioactive decay outside a nuclear reactor?

    thank you for your reports and best wishes. keep on!

  6. E Parry says:

    Hi everyone I just found this that talks about how radiactive isotopes when combined in compounds can make them emit light.


    Examples include Uranium chloride. I’d start trying to work out what got into the water, and is it forming chloride compounds. Certainly in the UK I know we here use chlorine-containing compounds to keep water free of bacteria (the compound easily ionises in water, and the free radical Chlorine ions bind – and break – the bacterial cell walls down, killing the bacteria). Usually we can smell chlorine from our tap water when it’s killed something in it… But anyway my thought is if Japanese chlorinate their drinking water, then that might have bound to a radioactive isotope, and that might be the source of the glow.

    Unfortunately there are many ways to make water glow that don’t include radioactivity, I hope it’s nobody doing a scare campaign for that reason. Otherwise you need to work out what could have got into the water, then research to see whether any of its compounds glow and whether it could form those compounds from drinking water.

  7. Rich says:

    I remember a tweet you reported months ago, by a woman who said that the tap water company she worked for underreported the radioactivity in the tap water. I hope citizens get independent measures soon, and then are officially evacuated.

  8. High Country Cow Punk says:

    I agree there are quite a few things it could be, I like the blue / green algae idea, but Chernekov algae would be kinda groovy, a living lava lamp!

  9. Chucky says:

    Glowing blue water in a..bathtub? Hmmm. I am NOT a nuclear physicist. Still, we have not all gone mad, have we? Think about the amount of energy and isotope required to make tap water glow. Here is where the well versed in nuke radiation can tell me how this could happen. Oh, and try to keep groundwater contamination out of the equation. You see, the nuclear lobby has convinced me that Fukushima is over and basically, it never happened. I feel much better now.

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