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I’m sometimes asked about my political view. What do I think about Japanese government not to help people ?
The answer is nothing. Just like I don’t feel anything for Louis XIV.
Japanese government exists only for itself. It is obvious that they will not do anything for the people.
It is a fantasy that the government pays for evacuation or medical care. Actually they don’t have enough money. If they do that, that will be from the electricity bill.
Human right is a myth for government. I thus trust my friends (even if it’s just online) and money but don’t trust the government.
For me, it’s nothing but a mafia group to rob me of tax and try to keep me inside of boarder.
I don’t blame the government for doing nothing for the victimes. They don’t exist for the people from the first place. so we have to help each other.
I have a dream. One day, government stop doing anything, and make a spaceship for themselves and fly away from the earth. The only thing I expect them to do is nothing.

Sometimes people suggest me to evacuate to US. However, you can’t talk about Japan and US separately. Most of american national bond is owned by Japan and China. Most of the savings of Japanese people are invested into Japanese national bond by major banks because private sector is not expected to grow. and Japanese government invest the money into American national bond. so if America has default, our savings become sheets of paper. As a matter of fact, America, Japan, China, they are all one unit.

Also, sometimes people question, what is being done to the reactors.The answer is simple again. Nothing. There’s nothing we can do. This is the reality.

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