Fukushima citizen “Recent earthquake is something different”

Fukushima citizens tweet that recent series of the earthquake feel different from usual ones.
mainakata311 麻意☆福島県民


I think everyone has noticed it if they live in Fukushima since 311, and paid attention to earthquakes. Suddenly, the way of shaking has changed, isn’t it ? feels like something is exploding underground, like a bomb.




I feel that too. It feels as if I was sleeping in the double bunk beds and someone knocked me up from the lower bunk. It comes up from the underground all of a sudden ,like bang. I woke up several times to be surprised at the knocking up shock. My heart beats heard, can’t be reassured for around the clock.




I live in Ibaraki, but my family, and people around me feel the same way too. It’s not a normal earthquake, but a short quake as if something was exploding underground. I haven’t felt that quake for 40 years. It happens everyday.


The only reason to deny the possibility of hydrovolcanic explosion underground is because the radiation level is not spiking up after the earthquake, but I doubt if the steam comes right above the epicenter.





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12 Responses to “Fukushima citizen “Recent earthquake is something different””

  1. rosy heart says:

    Hi Brother;
    i could be mistaken but i think C-137
    explodes when it come in contact w’ water:
    it could be sign that radioactivity is spewing underground, from the power of so many cores melting down? {Sheesh i pray for you all in Japan!}
    Other things come to mind, radioactivity / extreme force of the melt down materials…is exploding with whatever it comes in contact with?

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  3. Gerard Hales says:

    Sounds very suggestive of the kind of processes you describe (we may have a problem here in the U.K re: recent Icelandic volcanic -AND mainland Britain seismic-, activity, a special concern being OUR underground Channel Tunnel).
    Quote: “Ask yourselves how it has come to be acceptable for, for instance; The Russian and American presidents (ostensibly -and in reality- gnashing their teeth over Poland), to cabal themselves during the recent summit in Tokyo and get their heads together on how both to repair the Kashiwazaki-Kariwa reactor”…”and keep the whole affair from the public?” Go to ” What’s that Coming Over the Hill?” medialens.org/forum P.5. (Aug 2009)

  4. Sigh says:

    Interesting article here:

    I seem to recall someone here commenting that a place in South America “could not have had radiation” because “they don’t have nuclear plants”. Well, that article might explain where radiation could have come from. As I expected, one of many possibilities.

  5. Dean Brown says:

    I can only imagine the fear people are living with every day. I experienced a short sharp earthquake in Shimane in November’11 that seems to fit the description. At first I was looking around for where the explosion was before realising it was an earthquake. I wonder if the vibration of these quakes is vertical instead of the horizontal type of tremors that have been occurring since 3/11. The recent ones, yesterday, off Eastern Honshu were at a depth of around 40 kilometres. It seems unlikly that cores have travelled quite that far, or laterally to be able to generate any hydrovolcanic event. I’ve not seen any scientific evidence or hypothesis suggesting that melted through material might have gone further than some metres below the buildings. The ongoing stress of frequent earthquakes on the weakened structures though, especially at spent fuel pool 4 are a real worry. The link below gives real time and recent data on all earthquakes. There have been over 9,000 in Japan since 3/11. That alone underlines how untenable nuclear power is.
    I think it is important to distinguish between our very real fear and anxiety about all that is happening and the available scientific evidence, (as distinct from the pseudo scientific propoganda ala TEPCO). It is horrifying enough as it is. Allowing our fears to magnify events even more only makes it harder for everyone to think clearly.


  6. albert so says:

    That’s crazy.

  7. kukukrine says:


    I can hardly believe this

    Commission de Recherche et d’Information Independantes sur la Radioactivite (CRII-RAD). (May 1998). Contamination radioactive de l’Arc Alpin. CRII-RAD, Valence, France.
    Printed in French only. A most important survey of Chernobyl-derived contamination in the higher altitudes of the Alps in France and Italy (500 to 2260 meters) in the “massif du mercantour”.
    Soil contamination (137Cs) levels noted up to 545,000 Bq/kg.
    More information about this study will be posted as soon as we can locate an English translation.

    Found on : http://www.davistownmuseum.org/cbm/Rad7b.html

  8. rockpicker says:

    It would be interesting to view seismograms of the quakes that feel like bombs going off, as they may shed light on what’s happening. Absence of “P” waves, which normally lead up to the felt shock, might indicate something unusual is occurring.

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  10. Robert Wayhouse says:

    H A A R P



    Most all Americans are against this way of thinking, it IS wrong.

  11. Robert Wayhouse says:

    Here in America when the earthquake hit in Virginia, DC and Maryland in an area where earthquakes do not hit, some people who were from California said the earthquake did not feel like the earthquakes in California. They said the earth shakes and in this earthquake, the ground moved from side to side, like sliding back and forth. The sway (I call it), got bigger and bigger until just when I thought the windows would burst from diagonal stress, it stopped. It seems a natural earthquake has a tremor, but an unnatural earthquake does not.

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