Fall-out in Fukushima is increasing again

Following up this article about reactor 4 spent fuel boiling

Fall-out of Ce134 and 137 spiked up after the new year’s day in Fukushima.

Having the peak on 1/2/2012 and it was in the decreasing trend.

However, it’s starting to increase since 1/6/2012 again.



The Minamisoma blogger woman wrote on her blog

“Concrete parts under the spent fuel pool are dropping on the ground .”

Mr.Koide ,from Kyoto university also commented on today’s radioshow,

“Unlike all the other reactors with the top floor blasted, where the operation room is located at , hydrogen explosion blasted the walls of the first floor, and the ground floor, of reactor 4. Spent fuel pool has no guard now yet. Nothing has been improved about that.”





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