Another Fukushima worker suffered cardiopulmonary arrest

Tepco announced another plant worker (60s) from a subcontract company was hospitalized and is suffering cardiopulmonary arrest.

He was building a facility with concrete, at a sludge tank, where is to stock sludge coming from water purifying system on 14:22  1/9/2012 (JST).

He claimed sickness at work, was sent to an emergency medical center of reactor5 and 6 but already suffered cardiopulmonary arrest. On  15:25, he was sent to Iwaki Kyouritsu Hospital.

Tepco’s report ends with “There was no radioactive material attached to his body”. Jiji reports the total dose of 1/9/2012 was 0.052 mSv.

Fukushima worker suffered cardiopulmonary arrest



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