Temperature has gone “over scale” at reactor 2

Today Tepco started their press conference 20 mins late, which is unusual.

They did not even prepare documents to explain the current situation of the reactors.

According to their statement, at least 3 troubles are happening.

1) At reactor 3
The water cooling system is not properly working. Water coming into the system and coming out of the system shows similar temperature.
They assume it is because a valve was turned off. The last time it was checked was 11/19/2011. They don’t know why the valve got turned off.

2) At reactor 2
Gas pressure controlling room’s temperature has gone over scale.
It’s in suppression chamber. Because the temperature has gone too high, heat gauge can not indicate accurately. They say other 2 heat gauges are indicating normal temperature ,but they are about 100m away from the place.
Also, because the point is extremely radioactive, nobody can get close to check/replace the heat gauge.

3) At reactor 2
Dry well of container vessel is unusually heated. At 11:00AM 11/27/2011, a heat gauge at the point indicated 85.3 C
However, Tepco state there is no problem because other 5 heat gauges around that point show 65~69C, which is usual, so the heat gauge has gone out of order, just at the same timing of (2)
The heat gauge is in the highly radioactive place so they can’t go to check or fix anyway.

Considering the unusual atmosphere of Tepco at the press conference, Japanese journalists are suspecting they are hiding something crucial again.


  1. Thank you for posting this. It is very worrisome. Japan will be able to show the world through this disaster how awful and ruinous nuclear power is. But poor Japan! If only it had stayed away from nuclear power and kept its green fields, green forests, lovely sea coast with clean fish. Poor but happy clean living was the best!! Cement, cars, plastic, trucks, nuclear power plants have brought only misery to the world and to Japan. Now we see the hideous face of fossil fuels (make NO mistake: nuclear power depends on fossil fuels such as coal and oil) under the smiling mask, ripped off by Fukushima. Incinerators, plastic, chemicals, highways, automobiles, cement buildings:::GHASTLY!!!!and now dangerous!!

    1. I completely agree with you.

      If only the whole had stuck with living harmoniously within our environment(s), none of this would be happening and we could have continued to discover our spirituality, as tribes were doing.

      Too late now?

  2. It’s beyond “Ghastly”! The Industrial Revolution “spoiled” people. Once they got used to modern luxuries & conveniences that began evolving much too quickly-the self-destruction of humanity and everything in its way became inevitable as the selfish & greedy sector that took control of our destiny foolishly assume they will somehow be excluded from the list of casualties growing by every minute as their faulty inventions & facilities which house them continue to deteriorate probably beyond the point where TEPCO & their incompetent affiliates could’ve avoided the irreversible harm they caused by simply admitting they were/are & always have been unable to deal with the magnitude of the event that has sealed Japan’s fate,as well as the world following close behind her. Maybe no amount of effort undertaken by the entire world’s govt. & industrial/scientific community could’ve prevented the ghastly destiny fate eventually held in store for humanity while the unsound practice of operating nuclear power stations to generate electricity-but perhaps an early admission of failure & the true implications of TEPCO’s inability to handle it might’ve bought Japan & every nation downwind of her,and connected to the Pacific Ocean some time & some small comfort knowing that at least we’d “tried”! If “The End” was indeed going to be unavoidable,I’d have felt better about human beings having at least agreed for once & for all that nukes were the wrong way to go & should never have been implemented in any fashion from their inception! I would gladly give up all modern conveniences & live like our ancestors did hundreds of years ago without automobiles,electrical appliances,air travel & everything else taken forgranted by todays people’s. Our Great-Grandparents had to work harder to make a living & grew their own food & harvested their resources manually-but they were able to be proud & grateful for their hard work and that the Earth didn’t suffer the consequences in the process. I’m jealous of the people of the past who lived a simple,healthy life with clean,abundant lives with a “purity” about them that we will never know. It appears that even if some small percentage of humanity is thrust back into the “Dark Ages” which don’t seem so bad to me now,that the survivors would still never feel that unity with nature and Mother Earth because while we might learn to adapt to the ways of yesteryear & the hardships involved with “country life”-we’d still face the gruesome effect of the long-lived,radioactive & “regular” toxic chemical pollutants that will haunt our kind & the innocent species that “may” still inhabit the cold,sad world that could’ve & should’ve been able to figure out how to allow technology & nature to co-exist and will still have people far into the future wondering if the wonderful meal prepared hundreds of years from now didn’t have its roots reaching down into a deposit of the foul remnants of its horrible past?!! No matter how this current catastrophe & disastrous events & infamous historical era play out-it’s legacy will reveal itself in many horrible ways that may not allow future generations to feel “lucky” that our species survived! In closing I’d point out that TEPCO & its minions,and indeed ALL of the Nuclear Industry known to us by name,and all of the governments and “specific” criminally responsible parties should be held responsible & “dealt with” appropriately NOW,or we’ll have failed our youth & the future generations who will inevitably suffer even more deformity,mutation,illness and shortened lifespans! They will not view their ancestors who handed them down a world not fit for even the lowliest creatures,even if such a place fits TEPCO,G.E.,Areva,etc.’s idea of the kind of environment they wouldn’t mind their own future offspring crawling out from under a rock the way they must’ve been spawned from-judging by their actions,or lack of any real effort put forth to date! GOOD LUCK to JAPAN & the WORLD!! We’re going to need it since science has failed us miserably!!

    1. I just wanted to say i couldn’t agree with you more… Everyday I look at my little girl and I am saddened that I brought her into this world that Greed has created..I wish she could know the world my parents knew which wasn’t that long ago. Instead she is gonna have to deal with our insanity and Greed…
      May God save us all..

  3. Electricity has brought the Human race close to extinction.
    A hundred years ago and for thousands of years people lived exciting lives without electricity. Bach composed his masterpieces by moonlight to save on candles. Great art and great music flourished. And if wars were fought they were fought by brave, strong men, strengh intelligence and skill. Today we are ruled by wimps who sit in an office and push a button and eliminate an entire city with a nuclear bomb! What cowardice! What skill does it require to drop a bomb on defenseless people with no arms or equal capacity to defend themselves? Yes the country that pretends to be the most powerful in the world with it’s weapons of destruction is really the BIGGEST COWARD in the whole world as it distributes more weapons to continue it’s agenda to kill, intimidate and dominate the world. That country with all it’s electricity cannot produce music of the calibre of Bach, nor artists of the calibre of Michaelangelo or Rembrandt or even a visionary like Van Gogh. It’s popular music today is cheap, contrived with repetitious lyrics with porn young girls using their bodies and not their talent to gain popularity.
    All the dazzle and flash of bright lights (electricity)
    and the loud intimidating sounds of loudspeakers cranked out to the maximum, (thanks to electricity) distorting the unromantic trite lyrics even further leave one with great disappointment and a BIG Headache. Kids have no knowledge in their brains…everything they know has to be supplied by their computers and if the computers don’t work well D–uhh one can turn on the Tele and watch the BALL game. Phony artist, musicians pretend to play while it is really the disc that is doing all the work and the lip sync process means everyone is a potential instant star…fun for the phony artist but a pain in the butt for the audience and so on it goes…Today young people wear glasses as the flood of artificial light wears out our pupils and retinas and that leads to headaches and blurring of the eyes. No more interest in the young crowd to grow food. How they will survive when the older generation (that now still does some farming) dies out I don’t know. Well they can always eat electricity.
    Wires plugged into their brains will make visuals of virtual food look and taste real while they get their shot of electricity fake food and other electrodes will give them the sensation of having eaten. And with Fukushima spewing out forever it won’t be too long before humans will have to develop artificial zirconian
    metal skin to keep the radiation from the air out of their circulatory system. Yes like insects attracted to the artificial light of a lamp at night, we will fill the world with dangerous nuclear power plants for light, light and more light till we die like these insects who don’t know that the lamp will kill them eventually.
    It might already be too late with Fukushima proving to be uncontrollable but if the Creator gives us one more chance then we better switch to renewables like sun, wind and tidal and reduce our consumption to what is really necessary and also learn to love natural daylight, and the different shades of darkness which come with the night. From the darkness comes inspiration
    and scientists have recently found that light can be extracted even out of vacuum and darkness and light have to co-exist in right proportions for a healthy inspired existence. And just for your information in Latin “Lucifer” is translated as “Light!”

  4. Could heat alone stop this valve? Could Stuxnet worm still be present to manipulate programmable logic control (PLC) valves? Even a 30-second delay can wreak havoc in control systems. Apparently, digital control systems do not include IT forensics like most people think. No one knows there is an attack until something isn’t working right. Let’s hope Stuxnet is not involved in the valve closure or pressure/temperatures rising. This is very worrisome indeed about reactor 2! Considering all the water coming into the basement, while corium edges closer to the water table, is it possible there is an underground explosion pending?

  5. This reminds me that the crew of the Titanic told the passengers there nothing to worry about after that collision with the ice berg.

  6. ….Nuklear Energy ….a hell of a way to boil water”…Einstein……and now the “leaders” of the World SCREAM for a Nuklear WW3………..

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