“Let’s die together” marathon

Running course in the contamination area.

During WWW2, Japanese government gathered female students in okinawa and made a nurse team, called Star Lily Corps.

When US army landed on Okiwana, they were forced to work give medical care for Japanese army and 224 of 297 girls and teachers died.

Some of them fell off from the cliff to commit suicide. It was a female version of Kamikaze.

Now Japanese government is going into the same insanity.

They are holding a marathon relay race in Fukushima city. source

At this moment when this article is being written, teenage runners are running.

The radiation level is as high as mandatory evacuating area in Chernobyl.

Thousands of people called the administrators to stop the race but it ended up started.

Runners are 13 ~ 31 years old.

Most of them are teenagers.

They are from various of the prefectures.

To attend at the race, they made the girls sign on the contract.

“Even if I have health problem from this race, I will not sue the promoter (= Japanese government)”

0.91 micro Sv/h in front of J-village.

1.23 micro Sv/h at the starting point of the marathon race.

0.91 micro Sv/h at 400m point.

1.90 micro Sv/h.

1.47 micro Sv/h.

1.29 micro Sv/h in front of Fukushima red cross hospital, which is on the marathon course.

1.41 micro Sv/h in front of Fukushima racecourse.

This racecourse is shut down to prevent race horse from being irradiated.

Those teenage runners are treated lower than race horse for Japanese government.

1.38 micro Sv/h.

1.21 micro Sv/h in front of Fukushima NTT, which is on the race course.

1.00 micro Sv/h in front of the elementary school of Fukushima university, which is also on the course.

Children go to this school everyday.

0.95 micro Sv/h on the main street of Fukushima city.

1.21 micro Sv/h in front of Fukushima prefectural office, which is on the marathon course.

It gets higher toward to goal post.


  1. It’s a banzai charge against the invisible enemy. Obviously, this is a no win situation for both the government and people. Why would such a race be allowed?

    I don’t know if you aware of Unit 731 during world war 2. Perhaps, the “dark element” of Japanese government are planning on some kind of long term radiation experiments on Fukushima people. Once they are dead, they will dissected and analysed to see the radiation effect on human body.

    This is just my speculation.

    Unit 731 during WW2( For your reference )

  2. Well, at least the mainstream media is running a story on the disaster now. Will more Japanese people wake up, or continue to be sheep led to slaughter?

  3. Children and women, who are MORE vulnerable to the effects of radiation than men (BEIR VII – women 37.5% more likely to get cancer than men; children 3-4X more likely, girls twice as likely as boys)


  4. Yuck. This is disgusting. What are those girls’ parents doing?

    I have to say, as an anarchist I tend to be skeptical of governments everywhere, but the Japanese government has really exceeded my expectations.

    They are much worse than I imagined.

  5. This shows you the lengths to which authorities will go to get short term propaganda value, while destroying the future. These girls and women will be mothers some day. If they can. And there will be hell to pay.

    1. But they may NOT become mothers one day. That’s the point. If they live long enough to want to and be able to bear children, they may not be able to bring a healthy baby to full term. This whole thing is like going into some alternative universe where bad is good. And in order to run, they have to sign off on future liability. Heinous.

      1. If you watch The Battle of Chernobyl – it’s available to view on the internet, but not available in the US or for sale almost anywhere! – you can see the dreadful birth defects and illnesses affecting Ukrainian children born long after the disaster to mothers who survived it. Our govt definitely works to suppress certain information, and of course, so does the IAEA, the WTO, and by extension, the UN.

      2. many reproduction problems predicted, many disabled children will be born, many people will die from cancer prior to having reached age to become parents
        Why do the Japanese people participate in this criminal project ?
        Where is their sound mind ?

        1. It seems they have been deliberately misled by those in power to think things are not so bad. It’s hard to believe in radiation. it’s so invisible. At Racketdyne here in So Calif, there was a big room with a yellow line down the middle. One one side, you could just wear whatever you were wearing, but if you needed to cross that line, you had to put on protective equipment!! That’s nuts.

  6. It’s a propaganda stunt. Few if any of the runners will get ill immediately, and when they start getting ill later (in most cases years later) the government will ‘plausibly deny’ that the illnesses are anything to do with them having run the race.

    Those meter measurements are useless: the meters are too far from contaminated surfaces to pick up the alpha or beta radiation from radioactive contamination, all they’re picking up is the gamma, which is the least of your worries.

    1. Within a short time, Japan will lack medical personnel to treat the innumerable people suffering from irradiation problems !

  7. so grateful for your ongoing efforts to monitor and report.
    i understand it must be very difficult to be paying attention, and seeing what you’re seeing, and having people treat you as if you’re speaking nonsense. but you are being heard by people here in the US and also the rest of the world that are concerned for our families as well. we know you are telling the truth, and are also frustrated and saddened by peoples reactions to it.
    thank you so much from all of us, our hearts and prayers are with you, and there are a great many of us thus engaged. you are not alone, and your bravery and diligence are inspiring to all.
    again, thank you, and please continue knowing that there are many supporting you as you do.

  8. Thank you so much for your posting. It’s a serious crime to future generations. The person who is in charge of this event should be revealed and properly punished.

    1. I could not agree with you more, they are taking a terrible risk with an entire race of people, a culture and many lifetimes of development. Every day, more and more I have my breath taken away by such ghastly items as this.

      Never thought I would say this but right about now I think I am glad the majority of my existence is over and I have a variety of ailments. I will not have to hang around and watch for the consequences of the this.

      1. Yes but…………… I have 7 grandchildren. I don’t think most of them understand what we are leaving them. But they will…………….

  9. This is so sad. What are the families of the girls thinking? Thank you for reporting this. As said above, people in the US are listening and we believe you. I will be posting a link to your blog on Facebook immediately in hopes to spread the word. You are brave!

  10. It’s like the Parade of Death after Chernobyle, where local politicos insisted the May Day parade go ahead as normal despite the entire city being swathed in lethal radiation.

    Only difference is, there’s a new level of calculation. This isnt’ days after but months after. Is it an experiment?

  11. Do the Japanese really despise their own children???

    These poor girls and women, too. No masks now, I see. Much of their skin is being exposed, too.

    See this report on the 50% greater danger of radiation illness in women:

    There’s something global going on. I know that a lot of young, fit, fertile women, like myself, have been targeted, hassled, even threatened, when we opt out of the TSA additional whole body radiation screening that occurs at all USA airports now… In fact, they become hostile toward me (and I do have perfect OB/GYN health, so far). I, for one, refuse to give up my reproductive health, thanks!

    1. Not to mention the HPV “vaccine,” Gardisil, which corporate politicos/Big Phama attempted to force on every 5th grade girl in the USA, by state mandate. Shocking and a little too obvious. It barely had any testing or review time. The law passed in my state. Meanwhile, hundreds of girls have been reported injured and/or killed by the vaccine already .. & who knows what it does to future childbearing prospects?

      1. …or offspring??? Radiation has to be worse though for future generations and their DNA. 🙁

  12. As a Japanese I feel so sad and ashamed about what is going on in this country since 3/11. This country has let me down everyday and has reached a new low with this insanity. Many people made pleas to local governments and the schools that made the girls run, telling them how high the radiation levels were on the course. But they voices were ignored. I wish from the bottom of my heart that nothing awful will happen to these girls and their familes so that they will not regret their decision to take part in the race…

  13. As Yukiko-san and other people say, I also am ashamed of what has been going on since the disaster took place. A lot of people join demonstrations, and the movement might be big enough to be paid attention of, but still nothing changed because of the mood. I’m actually middle 20’s, and my friends, acquaintances, and college classmates want to enjoy their life, so even when we get together to hang out, they want to talk about something fun. Surprisingly, they do not know or are not interested in the news. I can not see the “bright light” in the darkness.

    1. What’s happening in Japan is so enormous, that most people can’t grasp the immensity of the present problems and those to come. Their carefreeness has been criticized in many messages I have received since 11/3 with the prediction that great suffering is to come.
      Sorry for that, but it’s the truth.
      Blessings to you !

  14. HUKUSHIMA have been polluted. It’s truth in greater or lesser degrees. The promoter is escaping from it.
    What the government should be to do for residents is not promoting the uncertain safety of polluted region, but realistic aids – house, fund, work, etc.

  15. I’m not sure what to think of this. Is this a ploy by the government, or is it a protest, or is it both?

    I think these are brave people.


  16. Japan has no leadership in positions of power. They have wolves in sheeps clothing. The people in Japan are programed from birth to be obedient to authority and to never say or do things that would rock the boat or jeopardize their standing or position in society. Uniformity in social settings is more vital than stating ones own thoughts or position.
    I have attended rallies here trying to bring awareness to the serious nuke problem going on and the numbers of protesters are few and a good percentage of participants are young people who are rebellious against a totally closed minded living in darkness society. These people are seen as well meaning but foolish in trying to change the top power structure. Japan is an occupied country being run by corporate and bankster overlords. People are sheeple and easily lead to the slaughter pens of genocide. Sad but true. Japanese are some of the finest people on the planet and are worth fighting for.

  17. This is disgusting: how many of these young women are going to get ill as a consequence of running this race?

    It’s mind-boggling this was allowed to go on.

    I have no axe to grind against the people of Japan, but it seems to me that DENIAL of this disaster on 3.11 isn’t the most effective way of dealing with this terrible tragedy.

    God bless, my Japanese brothers and sisters.

  18. While there are plenty of things to get excited about in regards to the Fukushima disaster, this is not one of them. Approximately 1 microsievert/hour is less than the background radiation in many places. It is about 3 times more than average, but there are large natural variations. Flying or an occasional X-ray will expose you to far, far more radiation.

    Please endeavor to discuss real dangers. This is not one of them.

    1. The natural background radiation from man-made radionuclides such Cs-137 is ZERO. These man-made radionuclides will stay in the bones, tissues and organs casing internal radiation in human bodies for decades or even hundreds of years!

      What was the background radiation level of Fukushima city before the accident?Any excess radiation must come from the NUCLEAR PLANTS!

  19. Why hasn’t Fukushima been evacuated yet??? I watched stunned, today in the mainstream news as small children still live there, while already “glowing” themselves! -Thus my coming here.
    If this marathon was an honest attempt to show the people that the area was safe, several officials, like prime minister’s own wife and/or daughter would have showed up. But I’m betting anyone “important” stayed the hell away. (Can someone confirm this?)
    Someone said that such radiation shown here is OK, but people there are already forbidden from eating their self-grown food so it must be bad enough.
    Lastly, in Hungary where I live, no school can make students under 18 go anywhere, unless aproved by said student’s parent(s) by written means. Is it different in Japan?

    1. A friend in Japan stated that every young woman who ran in the race had to have a permission slip signed by their parent(s). Just as in Hungary and Japan, it is the same in the US.

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  21. I was vacationing in Japan for a month and just came back. I didn’t think of anything while I was there, but when I came back to the States, I started wondering about food safety over there. More and more I research about radioactive contamination, more I get scared and angry about Japanese government and Tepco. They control mass medias and even sales of some products, geiger counters, etc. They are no different from Chinese government – sensorship of information and coverup. I hope that Japanese people stand up for themselves and fight for their children and grandchildren.

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