Leakage from spent fuel pool of reactor 4

Tepco announced that water purifying system leaked liquid at spent fuel pool of reactor 4.


It happened on 11/8/2011.

No announcement about the radiation level or leaked nuclide etc..

The system is to take off the salt from water.

It happened in the high pressure pump part of the water purifying system.

A journalist of Shukan Asahi, Mr.Imanishi was invited to go into the site by an actual Fukushima worker.

The Tepco worker had sanity enough to think Tepco and the government should reveal the truth because it is the world wide / historical industrial disaster.

He wanted the journalist to report what is actually going on in the plant.

From his report, the spent fuel pool of reactor 4 is completely “exposed”.



The wall and the ceiling of the building was completely blown off by “some explosion”.

The spent fuel pool is totally left outside, out of control so what you can even see it from out of the reactor.

He states, the wall of the reactors are about 1m thick of huge concrete mass.

It is blown off. It shows how much the explosion(s)were more massive that they were announced by the government.

He also states, he heard ambulance comes to the plant at least for 10 times a day.

When he comes back to Tokyo, he loses the sense of reality.

Though he saw the massive debris of the Fukushima plants, but people live normally as if nothing happened in Tokyo.

He even doubt if he saw dream in Fukushima, but it is true, and life in Tokyo is fake.

From what he observed, pipes and facilities are made of vinyl.

The leakage of today may happen very often.

More videos of Mr.Imanishi



  1. A transcript (or captions) in english would be really useful!
    Do you know who took these pics? Are they Tepco’s?

  2. You know there is most definitely much worse information that is being withheld by both TEPCO and the Japanese government. It will likely all come out over time but we can only be left to wonder how bad it is and what the effects will be to Japan and the world.

    1. Ino Knalv / 9 décembre 2010Merci pour cet alticre divertissant, concis et bien rédigé. Cependant je voudrais rectifier une seule erreur, ベスト16 veut dire huitièmes de finale et non seizièmes de finale, car les huitièmes de finale regroupe les 16 « meilleures équipes » qui en découdent en 8 rencontres.Quant au commentaire de Aiko Uemura, ne devrait-on pas traduire « なんで一段一段なんだろう » par « Pourquoi pas la première place pour une fois »? Après je ne suis pas un expert et tu dois sûrement avoir traduit correctement Reply

  3. The emperor probably had to appease the Nixon administration to have these things built and this is his last chance at a grand hurrah if people start coming down with thyroid cancers and the rest, which should be cranking up in number within a few weeks.

  4. Thank you for this alert.
    I suppose many people around the world wanted to know these things about the secretive Reactor #4 of the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant.

    I hope at least the foreign experts who are interested in the Fukushima disaster will now realize the true situation of the accident site and the pathetic “countermeasures” taken by the Japanese “government” and the TEPCO there such as the laughable “vinyl” stuff.
    Clearly they are too amateurish to “deal” with the Fukushima disaster.

    Still, they have wasted 8 months and billions of money so far.
    Recently the unknown fate of the so-called Fukushima Heroes (subcontractor laborers who are treated as expendable assets) has come to our attention as well.

    We now read that some people like “Prof. Seto” exposed online in the end of October that over 100 Fukushima subcontractor laborers (their corpses) who died from radiation are now secretly “kept” by the Fukushima Prefecture College of Medicine (of the notorious Dr Shunichi “Mengele” Yamashita) in Fukushima City as medical specimens and that the number of the dead laborers already reached 4300, not 100 or so, out of the total (reportedly 100,000 people) so far.

    Reportedly, these dead people (their families) were given 300,000,000 yen (over 3million USD today) each and were told to keep silent of these deaths, unless they wanted the money taken “back” by the TEPCO or the “government”…

    A link provided here this week sent us to a Japanese blog reporting these “unconfirmed information”.
    The Japanese “government” of the notorious Minister Edano, the PM Noda and the former PM Kan, together with the TEPCO and perhaps the Tokyo Governor Ishihara, has been concealing such ugly information all the time apparently.
    What does the Japanese liar-lawyer-minister Edano say about these facts now?

    1. It is simply amazing how people can be in such positions or power and not realize that this information will get out regardless of how much hush money they pay. When this information is common knowledge the people will come for those responsible and there will be grave consequences for those who lied to the people (Edano, Kan, other politicians, TEPCO execs, Japanese media and announcers, nuclear “experts”, etc). These people will be severely punished for their crimes against humanity.

  5. There is an old saying, “Out of sight, out of mind,” meaning it isn’t present if it isn’t in front of you. I haven’t seen any articles about Fukushima in any printed newspapers in a very long time. Without the Internet I wouldn’t know what is happening in Japan. People I know don’t know what is happening, they don’t talk about it, as if it is non-existing for them. And it is non-existing, for they don’t go online.

    Thanks for your postings. I wish it was translated, but I think I caught the drift, somewhat. Basically, it is a mess.

    It makes me very sad to see so much suffering. I hope mistakes like this never happen again.

      1. Thanks for the aesnwr, but what I cannot understand is: Is there some reason why a boiling water reactor could not be placed in a concrete dome like a PWR? It seems like if that were the case, there would not be the hydrogen explosions and all that debris, which is probably one reason why it will take 30 years to clean the place up because it is such a mess. After all, didn’t the NRC want to outlaw the Mark 1 but that would be the “end of nuclear power”? To be truthful, the Mark II doesn’t look much different just round rather than square and larger. I believe we will still see nuclear power but I can’t imagine anyone would buy a GE brand reactor anymore.As for the evacuation, would it not have been possible to allow people to go there for maybe a day to take care of the animals and pick up their pets? That would have been much more humane without much risk. Reply

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