Leakage from spent fuel pool of reactor 4

Tepco announced that water purifying system leaked liquid at spent fuel pool of reactor 4.


It happened on 11/8/2011.

No announcement about the radiation level or leaked nuclide etc..

The system is to take off the salt from water.

It happened in the high pressure pump part of the water purifying system.

A journalist of Shukan Asahi, Mr.Imanishi was invited to go into the site by an actual Fukushima worker.

The Tepco worker had sanity enough to think Tepco and the government should reveal the truth because it is the world wide / historical industrial disaster.

He wanted the journalist to report what is actually going on in the plant.

From his report, the spent fuel pool of reactor 4 is completely “exposed”.



The wall and the ceiling of the building was completely blown off by “some explosion”.

The spent fuel pool is totally left outside, out of control so what you can even see it from out of the reactor.

He states, the wall of the reactors are about 1m thick of huge concrete mass.

It is blown off. It shows how much the explosion(s)were more massive that they were announced by the government.

He also states, he heard ambulance comes to the plant at least for 10 times a day.

When he comes back to Tokyo, he loses the sense of reality.

Though he saw the massive debris of the Fukushima plants, but people live normally as if nothing happened in Tokyo.

He even doubt if he saw dream in Fukushima, but it is true, and life in Tokyo is fake.

From what he observed, pipes and facilities are made of vinyl.

The leakage of today may happen very often.

More videos of Mr.Imanishi



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