Actual Fukushima worker suspects USA is pressuring Japan to restart nuclear plants

Following up this article..JP Prime minister confirmed the necessity of restarting Ooi nuclear plant

Actual Fukushima worker suspects the influence of USA.




I feel like America has something to do with restarting the nuclear plants in Japan.




  1. This is very likely!!!
    When Japan buys oil and coal for its electric power plants, it sends up the prices on the world market and the drivers in the US must pay more for their gasoline. They just hate that. Americans think they are entitled to cheap gasoline until the end of time. They will vote purely based on that.
    America is in some ways a worse place than Japan to live, even though Japan is radioactive and people are in denial. Americans have a strong sense that they must be the winners all the time, and that all other countries are servants and vassals for their needs. So I didn’t like living there either…..

    1. The two most popular suicide spots in the world are first The Golden Gate Bridge in America and second Aokigahara forest in Japan (according to
      There were more suicides recently attributed partly to the economic downturn and partly to the psyche.

  2. Might explain the “media blackout” here in the USA on Nuclear Reactor issues. Am afraid most nations are so far down the road with nuclear..they feel they can not stop…scary to have the feeling those living as “downwinders” are just being sacrificed to the needs for power. Without nuclear, the governments’ plans for electric cars and such (SOMETHING has to provide the electricity!), with solar not producing what is projected, the world’s BIG BUSINESS plans are toast. So yes, the encouragement to re-start the Japanese reactors is probably there. NOW, it also could be trying to make Japan “confess” the mess they have…whoops..the MESS WE ALL HAVE with Nuclear plants and nuclear waste…

  3. It is really not surprising at all!!

    Prime Minister Kan was against nuclear power and he had to go.
    The Americans are working hard to get the Japanese to use nukes so oil can be less in demand. The Americans want cheaper oil for their cars!!

    America has always seemed to consider Japan to be its vassal or servant. EVen at the time of Colonel Perry—-demands were issued and force was threatened. Imagine what a clean, beautiful place Japan was at that time, by the way, back in 1868, just a little over 100 years ago.

    Sure people didn’t have technology. But they had the land to pass onto their children and grandchildren. Clean, beautiful land and clean water, forests, rivers.

    Now what can people give their children here?? Poisoned dangerous wrecks. It is at least partly the fault of the Americans, who would seem to want more than Fukushima to become a poisoned dangerous wreck by restarting other nukes in an earthquake-prone island…The Americans won’t be satisfied until Japan is completely toxic and everyone has had to leave or has died off……

    1. Sorry, but your comment is not based on real information. Oil consumption has declined in the U.S.
      The Japanese wholeheartedly accepted foreign technology. Fukazawa Yukichi sent them around the world to get foreign technology. They even went to Germany in the 1940’s to get materials for atomic bombs.
      It’s childish to reflexively blame the U.S. for Japan’s problems. Japan’s problems are the result of Japanese culture, such as building everything as cheaply as possible and cutting corners on safety, as was done at Fukushima Daiichi.
      Accepting responsibility for one’s actions is part of becoming an adult. Unfortunately Japanese culture tries to keep it’s people stuck in a childish mindset. Why do you see so many adults at Tokyo Disneyland? That’s Japanese culture.
      Time for Japanese people to change their government and stop blaming other countries for Japan’s problems.

      1. So true Don, good message. We are ALL responsible for the nuclear legacy, every one of the 7 billion of us.

        Man has been around for 100,000 years ?

        Well, in the last 60 years we have created plutonium which we now have to look after for the next 5,000,000 (million) years. Can you imagine how the reign of Queen Elizabeth will be remembered by our predecessors ? 5 million years worth of human beings have to think, talk and deal with this issue. Just so we could watch tv for 60 years. We are, without a shadow of a doubt, THE WORST GENERATION OF HUMANS EVER. If you disagree I would urge you to imagine how long 5 million years is and how many humans will live in that time.

    2. A man in America figured out how to harvest energy out of the vacuum for splitting water on demand in his dunebuggy. Somebody killed him.

      A man in Brazil did the same and even ran a boat using water for energy. The governments and industry of the world ignored him.

      A man in the Phillipines figured it all out, too, and his government thanked him but said due to IMF agreements they could not use his technology in the Phillippines.

      So the answers for everything are out there, and cruel bastards living a life on a path to Hades, and after that an eternal treading of molten sulfur in an imperishable resurrected body which feels pain, are suppressing them in this life, to maintain control via energy.

      Just like the technology for neutralizing radioactive substances, Brown’s Gas flame. They’d rather the whole world recieve hundreds of times the fallout of Chernobyl, than allow a big mess they are responsible for to be cleaned up.

      They will answer to the Creator soon enough. First you’re young, then you’re old, then your life on earth is up.

    3. You have no evidence to make these statements. The USA has been using less oil recently. How can you suggest that Americans “won’t be satisfied until Japan is toxic and everyone has had to leave or has died off”? America was the first country to help Japan during thee crisis, and provided the most help. Who repaired the Sendai Airport? Your comments are unfounded and disrespectful.

      1. This article is about “Actual Fukushima worker suspects USA is pressuring Japan”, not “USA is pressuring Japan”. The subject is Actual Fukushima worker, verb is suspects. Please don’t be confused.

        1. No confusion here. My comment was a reply to Yamagata. Please don’t confuse things.

  4. I think the blame for this lies ultimately with the US government. I doubt Japan was in any position to refuse after it become the only country to have nuclear weapons used on it.

  5. We are vulnerable here in the US to the same thing that has happened in japan. Especially with fault lines along California coast and nuclear power plants located next the to the ocean. Also, the midwest with new madrid fault and older plants located here. This is a disaster. This is the pandora’s box opened. The US is very much to blame especially with nuclear weapons. Once they developed those the government went totally undercover and unresponsive to people in general. We are not a real democracy in US so the military industrial complex controls all. They also dictate to Japanese government. We, the american people and japanese people sit by while our leaders dictated to by business interests do whatever they want and destroy everything. the american people are in deep denial just as they do not seem to accept the criminality of Hiroshima & Nagasaki. I hope the people of Japan and US can rise up against militarism & nuclear power.

  6. Hi Yamagata,
    Please stop blaming the US for all of your troubles. Last I checked Japan was a capitalist society as well and I think I recall a recent article on FD about nuclear power for japan as a cover for a weapons program. YOUR leaders screwed up and put reactors on the fault line with the garbage stored in the attic. I’m normally not this forward but reading your replies was upsetting. This kind of “blame game” shit is what’s going to bring us all down. And P.S. You may want to be nice to people in other countries and not compulsively blame them for all of your woes because you and your countrymen are probably going to have to evacuate soon enough. You could come live with me but I don’t want to hear all of your crap.

  7. There are evil people in every country, including both the US and Japan.

    There are also many good people in the US who do NOT want Japan to restart its nuclear reactors and who are praying that the people in Japan, the people in the US, and the people in the rest of the world will actually learn a lesson from the triple meltdown that began in March 2011.

    It is imperative that we stop the madness. Stop nuclear power now.

  8. Not the US. The criminal cabal bankers who put their japanese patsies in office to rule japan. They have similar patsies in high office of US. Put blame where it be blamed. This is not the US, but the criminal rulers in London.

  9. Yamagata, I would say you are wrong, only in that it is those in power in America who seem to want such things, not individual Americans.

  10. Just someone’s “feeling” “Like America has something to do with restarting the nuclear plants in Japan”????
    No evidence? No facts?
    Just a rumor?
    A real news source needs two verifiable sources to print something. This information is nothing, and this kind of unverified rumor is what makes this blog look unreliable. In such a serious situation, REAL information is needed, not just unfounded paranoid rumors. Does this blog post absolutely anything?

  11. Yamagata, ease up on the anti-America rhetoric. Any problems within Japan are much more the fault of a society unwilling to speak up for themselves.

  12. There is no source for this quote. Evidence is needed in order to make this blog look valid. How exactly is “America” doing this?

  13. All these people suggesting that Japan is a capitalist culture like others are missing a crucial difference which is that Japan lost a major war to the US after US dropped nuclear bombs on it. One of the main reasons why countries go to war is to reap the possible benefits of winning that war. Yes Japan may well have lapped it up the Japanese governments and people are responsible to some extent but I really think that we’re talking about a country which had little or no ultimate control over itself.

    Isn’t it also a fact that the GE Mark I reactors were found to be risky and faulty years ago, that people within GE resigned as a result and that those reactors were still sold to the Japanese regardless and GE allowed Japan to place those risky reactors in one of the most risky places on the planet. When we are talking about nuclear power we’re also talking about something which does not recognise man made national boundaries – radiation. So therefore selling risky reactors to a defeated nation to place in one of the most riskiest places on the planet – is quite frankly scandalous and risks the future of every living creature on the planet.

    Then there is an allegation which needs investigating – that the US encouraged Japan to have a nuclear weapons programme or at least encouraged to breed materials for nuclear weapons.

    It seems perfectly rational to me that a country that defeated another country would then use that defeated country in ways that it wouldn’t dare do (at least so widely) with itself.

  14. The US and its military industrial complex have pushed this nuclear thing on the world. Stop denying it. Ever heard of GE or Bechtel? They do what they want. The US government serves their needs not the people. Post war Japanese governments have been dominated by US interests.

    Once US government got into nuclear energy and weapons, the doors to an open society were closed.

    I have to agree that after Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan is crazy to have anything to do with nuclear anything. So are all the other countries in the world. Nuclear is mankind’s hubris thinking they can control everything. This is a fools game and we may all be big time loosers.

  15. Re: Don Feeney.
    Uh. I am in America and I feel our country (not as of late) has tried to manipulate every aspect of anyone else that is NOT american.

    I do think that you all in Japan and outlining areas close within 200 miles or more of F-word are screwed.. Sorry but it is true. if you chose to find another place great but living in those areas for 100,000 years till’ the radiation wont mutate yourself, your children, grand children, food, etc.

    We are screwed here as well.. North westeren part of the US, Canada and places like Wisconsin, Machigan have experineced “acid” rain after the F bomb was dropped..

    I feel you all but really as long as nuclear plants exists and we are trying to keep the waste cool we are all screwed!

  16. This is past the time for blaming. This may be the end game. Somehow we are all to blame. Our egos believe in nationalism. Germany and Japan were imperialist nations with long histories of warlike behavior. They were replaced by The Soviet Union and The United States as the major imperialist forces of the last half of the 20th century. Now we may be facing extinction of life on earth. It is way past time for us to take sides and blame. The world community should do everything it can to help Japan with this Fukushima problem. And let’s not spin this as just a humanitarian thing “we” are doing for the Japanese. This is being done for the future of life on earth. Yes, that includes the Japanese and everyone else. Given the quality of leadership in the world and the corruption of people in general, we may just have to go as peacefully as possible into a time when for all of us things come to an end. That is what we seem to be facing with Fukushima , nuclear power and nuclear weapons in general.

  17. 1 thing to point out here, is that everyone wants to shut down Fukushima permanently. Emotions are running high but we are in this situation & it’s a distraction to be squabbling among ourselves. I think the Americans here have spoken & so have the Japanese & it’s crystal clear that no one wants to be irradiated. Has anyone heard anything about iridium? I might have misspelled it. It may be better than lead, maybe it could contain the fuel rods?

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