19.0 micro Sv/h in Shinagawa, Tokyo

11/15/2011, they measured 19.0 micro Sv/h in Shinagawa.

This unusually high level of radiation is suspected to be related to incineration ash of radioactive debris,which started to coming from Iwate to Tokyo.http://fukushima-diary.com/2011/11/breaking-news-radioactive-debris-arrived-at-tokyo/

Radioactive debris is supposed to be burnt at Tokyo Waterfront Recycle Power, which is a group company of Tepco.


By accepting radioactive debris to Tokyo, Tepco makes money again.

A journalist who asked about this “transaction” at Tepco’s press conference was banned to attend at the conference anymore by Mr.Terasawa, Tepco’s spokesman.

The smoke and incineration ash are suspected to be highly radioactive to cause secondary exposure to all around in Japan.

As a mater of fact, there is no proper filter in the facility of Tokyo Waterfront Recycle Power. They only have bug filter, which is useless to clean radioactive material. (Source)

When the debris arrived at Tokyo, it people were banned to measure radiation around the container.

Because of the wind from North, and this smoke from Tokyo Waterfront Recycle Power will contaminate Tokyo again.

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