Column of the Day: Abortion

(Hydrocephalus in an infant, as seen on an ultrasound)

Everyday,more and more women tweet “I wonder if I should give up having a baby.”

They are not saying it hysterically.

They are sometimes doctors,scientists,or journalists.

At first I thought they are over reacting but as I got to know the situation more,I’m getting to understand their feeling.

I’m shocked.

If you are my friend,and asked me if you should abort your baby,I would stop you.

but if it’s me,I might choose to abort.

I don’t know what’s the value of life.

However,damaged DNA will be inherited from generation to generation.

I imagine when I see my baby born to be anencephalia or macrocephaly.

Probably I’d hate god.

Being born without arms or legs are “acceptable”.

but head is what you recognize as the world.

I can not put up with myself having my child live in the hell.

I do not recommend you to give up having a baby.

but I’d rather to be the deformed baby,and give my old body to my new born baby,if that’s possible.

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