[Column] The return of investment in Japan

I sleep with my glass full of coffee beside my bed to wake up at 4AM and immediately start working.
If you try to do something good, the earlier you start it, the better it becomes.

Living is sometimes like investment.

Some of my friends decided to remain in Japan. The reason is because they have some dream to realize in Japan. Mostly it’s about business.

I used to share the same dream but I gave up (to do it in Japan).

No one makes a wedding cake in the sinking titanic.
It’s nothing but a waste. You shouldn’t do anything related to money in the dying economy.

If you think you fly by your own wings, it’s wrong.
The air is supporting you above the ground.
When the air is disappearing, you shouldn’t jump off from the cliff.

Some people are pissed off by what I say.
Most of them are the people who really like Japan, or have too much in Japan.
but their emotion shouldn’t affect his/her decision about if they should go or not should go.




Français :

[Édito] Le retour sur investissement au Japon
J’ai dormi avec ma tasse pleine de café à côté de mon lit pour me lever à 4 heures du matin pour commencer tout de suite à travailler.
Si vous essayez quelque chose de bien, plus tôt vous commencez meilleur c’est.

La vie est parfois comme un investissement.

Certains de mes amis ont décidé de rester au Japon . La raison en est qu’ils avaient un rêve à réaliser au Japon. Surtout dans un cadre de travail.

J’ai partagé ce même rêve mais j’ai abandonné (l’idée de le faire au Japon).

Personne ne fabrique un gâteau de mariage dans un titanic qui coule.
Ce n’est rien d’autre que du gaspillage. On ne devrait rien faire de financier dans cette économie qui se meurt.

Si vous pensez pouvoir y voler de vos propres ailes, c’est faux.
L’air vous aide au dessus du sol.
Quand l’air disparaît, vous ne devriez pas sauter de la falaise.

Ce que je dis fait chier certains.
La plupart d’entre eux sont des gens qui aiment vraiment le Japon ou qui trop au Japon.
mais leurs émotions ne devraient pas affecter leur décision de partir ou pas.

  1. Lonliness , the hostel room , the foreign noise outside of barking hoards of stray dogs , the sorounding miss-order so opposite of the manecured city-village-scape typical of Japan , the lonliness …

    From here to you Iori a padding on the back and wishing you get a puppy … and a local girl that may speak English or Japanese , but in love and affection there is always the body language .

    Your research on the radioactive Japan deserves to change that hostel room into a more secure and comfortable environment to help you dig more and Tell us , so us , the redears , should not be shy to conscioucesly participate monthly in guaranteeing that inspiring soroundings and not have Iori worry where the next piece of bread will come from … plan you Donations please ! Thank you Iori !

  2. Japan full of radiation is better than the west full of idiots any day. It is not length of life that matters, but quality. How long do you want to live Iori being a fugitive? Another 40 years? 40 years of that kind of life? Inhale the cesium and enjoy life while you can. No one lives forever.

    1. I had briefly toyed with that idea before we left Japan soon after 3.11 but then I remembered we want to have children. If you are above 50 and do not plan on having kids then by all means stay in Japan but otherwise you are best to not be there IMO.

  3. If anyone will refer me to job opportunities as English teacher, editor, or writer in radiation-affected areas of Japan, then I would be grateful to know of them, because I would be willing to work there.

    In brief, here is my background: US ESL teacher, editor, writer with 35 years’ experience seeks editing or teaching position in Japan. Experience also in public relations and TV production. Author/editor of more than 200 ESL books for South Korean publisher Lingua Forum. Articles in New York Times Magazine, Washington Post, many other publications. Book on Yahoo Korea bestseller list in 2002. BA with distinction, University of Virginia.

    Full CV and supporting documents available on request. Contact: David Ritchie, email tongsoong@yahoo.com or kwriter@asia.com.

    Please forward this information to anyone who might have job listings. I just want to live and work in Japan. Thank you.

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