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[Column] Beyond distrust

I despair of Japan too deeply. Some people may think I’m being depressed, but actually I don’t even feel sad. I mean the Japanese government, not people. It was not

Food contamination

Some of the Japanese aluminum is mixed with contaminated aluminum cans from Fukushima

According to the industrial newspaper of recycling, aluminum produced in the factory near Fukushima plant is mixed with contaminated aluminum cans. It reported like this below, 原発に近い工場を持つ某社は、アルミ缶を溶解して2次合金地金を製造しているが、在庫してあったアルミ缶の放射能線量がやや高い数値を示している。このため在庫をそのまま溶解したのでは製品に規制値以上の数値が出るとして、数値を押さえ込むために汚染していないアルミ缶を新たに入手して放射能を薄めなければならないという事態に追い込まれている。 <Translate> An aluminum

Contaminated water crisis

Tepco has no solid plan for increasing contaminated water

Fukushima Diary reported about the increasing accumulated contaminated water in Fukushima plant. ([Column] X-day – when Fukushima plant discharges millions of tones of the contaminated water to Pacific ocean [Link])

Food contamination

[Express] “Beef labelled as from Hokkaido, but the tracking code tells it’s grown in Fukushima”

Introducing important tweets as [Express] for simultaneous updates.   産地が明記されていても安心できないという現実。生育地だけでなく飼料も問題。RT:矢板市のダイ〇ーで購入した「北海道産」牛肉の個体識別番号を検索。出生は確かに北海道だったがH22.12.25から23.10.30まで南相馬市にいた牛だった。これを福島産と表示しなくて良いのだろうか — cyclechabumaroさん (@cyclochabumaro) 11月 30, 2012 <Translate> You can’t be reassured by the label of origin. and it’s not only


Nihonmatsu city to restart serving Fukushima rice for school lunch from December

Nihonmatsu city board of education in Fukushima is going to serve local rice for school lunch from December. They check radiation level of all the rice bags produced in 2012.

Natural disasters Spent Fuel Pools

Tepco’s tilt measurement of reactor4, “Error must be taken into account as the measurement is done visually by person”

On 11/29/2012, Fukushima Diary reported “Reactor4 got a new hole on 4th floor of the south side and 2 door-looking marks on the 1st floor”. [Link] Tepco released the English


[Express] “Severe nausea after debris incineration in Osaka”

Introducing important tweets as [Express] for simultaneous updates.   焼却場から5km地点在住。昨日・今日とも激しい吐き気に襲われました。職場に行ってからも、仕事の途中で何度もトイレに駆け込んで嘔吐。目がかゆくて鼻水も止まらず。私は花粉症もないし、こんなの初めて。今は吐き気は落ち着きました。焼却が終わったせい? — blackberroさん (@blackberro) 11月 30, 2012 <Translate> I’m living within 5 km from incineration facility. Since yesterday, I have been

Sea contamination

Radioactive silver and Sr-90 measured from marine products of Fukushima, silver higher than cesium in 62% of samples

On 11/30/2012, Tepco released the radioactive nuclide analysis of marine products. From the report, Ag-110m (radioactive silver) and Sr-90 were measured from crabs, common skete, and barfin flounder. Especially the half


[Bloomberg] North Korea Seen Preparing Rocket Launch as Soon as Next Week

<Quote> [Bloomberg] North Korea has moved two sections of a long-range rocket to a launch site in preparation for a firing that may come as soon as next week, according