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[Japanese Rearmament] Abe “Rebuild military and set up a national security council against China”

Now Japan has self defense force, but it’s not supposed to be military. However, the potential next prime minister declared he’s going to rebuild military of Japan when his party

Export from Japan

Fukushima exports apple to Thailand to fight harmful rumor

Though 42 countries/regions ban importing Fukushima agricultural products at the moment of 11/20/2012, Fukushima prefecture is going to export 360kg of the apples to Thailand in order to fight harmful

Support by eating

Japanese convenient store LAWSON to sell Fukushima peach bread

After 11/27/2012, Lawson, a Japanese convenient store chain will start selling bread with Fukushima peach jam and whipped cream at 3,983 branches. (6 prefectures and Tokyo in Kanto area, 6


Fukushima collects decontamination volunteer, “Health problem is your own responsibility, we don’t know radiation risk”

Fukushima prefecture and NPO on the road Fukushima secretariat collect volunteer for decontamination in Ohnami area Fukushima city, where is a rice producing district. 100 people 10 days (12/1 ~ 12/10/2012)


[Albino] Spiny lobster with white abdomen found in Wakayama

In Kushimoto machi Wakayama, spiny lobster (Panilurus sp.) with white abdomen was found. It’s 23cm long, 340g weight. Usually the entire body is without white. The fisher to have caught