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Azalea bloomed in October in Hokkaido with dead leaves

  Azalea found blooming in Muroran city Hokkaido. It normally blooms in April and May. 10 flowers are blooming on 2 trees, but the leaves are dead. In the same

Effects to be confirmed

Noda became inarticulate in Diet for continuous 2 days

On 10/31/2012, Fukushima Diary reported Noda is having health problems. (cf. JP PM Noda having health problem “Eyes hurt, having a sore throat”) Japanese prime minister Noda became inarticulate in

Natural disasters

M5.0 hit Fukushima

The seismic scale was 4.     Source   Iori Mochizuki _____ Français : Séisme de magnitude 5 au large de Fukushima Il est de 4 sur l’échelle sismique japonaise.

Environmental contamination Sea contamination

[The first radiation test of fish from the port of Fukushima plant] 15,500Bq/Kg from common Japanese conger

On 11/2/2012, Tepco released the radiation test result of fish from the port of Fukushima plant for the first time. The sampling date was 10/10/2012. The highest reading was 15,500


Tepco has the right to reject compensation in 2014

Fukushima governor Sato asked Tepco not to claim for the right of extinctive prescription for compensation. According to the civil code, Fukushima victims will lose the right to claim for


Tepco to found alternative headquarters in Fukushima

Tepco is going to found alternative headquarters in Fukushima, which specializes in compensation and decontamination. They will move a few hundreds of employees from Tokyo headquarters to the one in