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[Kizuna] Road relay of young girls will be held in Fukushima on 11/11/2012, the youngest runner is 13 years old

 ↑ The road relay of last year 2011   At 12:01 of 11/11/2012, road relay of women (42.195km) is held nearby Fukushima station. 17 teams from various prefectures and team

Core removing struggle

RPV water level of reactor1 fuel area keeps decreasing, now it’s reaching the lowest level since 7/12/2012

According to the plant parameter announced by Tepco, RPV water level (Fuel area B) has been decreasing in reactor1 since 11:00 of 11/7/2012. At the moment of 11:00 of 11/10/2012,


[Albino] White raccoon dog found in Fukushima

Albino raccoon dog was found in the trap for wild boar in Katsurao village Fukushima. Entire Katsurao village is in the evacuation zone. It’s 50cm long, covered with white fur.

Effects to be confirmed

[Uni of California etc] Low doses from Chernobyl cleanup work was associated with a significant increase in leukemia

University of California and other educational institutions published the report to prove low level of exposure causes leukemia. The details are like below.   Title Radiation and the Risk of


350μSv/h from a temporary debris storage equipment in Fukushima plant

According to the management report of debris and deforestation tree stocked in Fukushima plant, the atmospheric dose nearby a  temporary debris storage equipment is 350 μSv/h, where it’s about 10 ~

Sea contamination

[Mainichi] 33,000 tons of quake debris to reach N. America by June 2013

<Quote> [Mainichi] TOKYO (Kyodo) — The Environment Ministry said Friday it is expecting around 33,000 tons of debris washed away by tsunamis caused by the March 2011 earthquake in northeastern