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6 celebrities reported to be hospitalized or dead within a week

Six famous celebrities have been reported to be sick or dead within a week. 1. Comedian Tanaka from “Bakusho mondai”. Age : 47 Symptom : Infectious mononucleosis, impairment of liver function, acute


189.7 Bq/kg from dead leaves of street trees in Tochigi

189.7 Bq/Kg of cesium-134/137 was measured from dead leaves of the street trees in Tochigi by becquerel monitor (TS100B-15).   Sample : Dead leaves of street trees Location : Haga machi

Cover-ups Plant hazard

[Critical situation]Fukushima worker confesses, actual Fukushima workers are less than half of what’s reported.

On 11/5/2012, Fukushima diary reported 67% Fukushima workers have already left Fukushima. [Link] Fukushima worker “Happy11311” tweeted the actual situation is way more serious than that.   1F原発作業従事者8000人の報道あったけど実質の作業員はその半分以下でし(>_<)従事社登録の半分以上は東電社員ですから鵜呑みしないでね。作業員8000人もいないでし。[Link] <Translate> They reported


Fukushima prefectural birth rate rapidly dropping in 2012

According to Fukushima prefecture, the birth rate is rapidly dropping. 2008.10~2009.9 : 8.06 ‰ 2009.10~2010.9 : 7.92 ‰ (↓0.14‰) 2010.10~2011.9 : 7.75 ‰ (↓0.17‰) 2011.10~2012.9 : 6.99 ‰ (↓0.76‰) Birth rate = (Birth