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33,000 Bq/Kg from wild boar in Iwaki city, “The highest measurement ever”

On 11/20/2012, Fukushima prefecture announced they measured 33,000 Bq/kg of cesium from wild boar in Iwaki city. It was the highest measurement ever. Prefectural government commented they are not sure

Sea contamination

MEXT reported the contamination of Tokyo Bay “114 Bq/Kg from ground soil”

On 11/21/2012, Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology reported they measured high level of cesium from the ground soil of Tokyo bay. The sample was taken on 10/16/2012.  

Sea contamination

Pu-239/240 was measured in sea water from 15km offshore Fukushima plant

(4.7±1.5)E-6 Bq/L of Pu-239/240 was measured from the upper layer of 15km offshore from Fukushima plant. Tepco states it’s in the normal range measured from 2001 to 2010, which was

Food contamination

[Asahi] Cesium levels in mushroom have also risen in various areas compared with last year

<Quote> [Asahi] ・・・ As of Nov. 16, officials said 93 municipalities in 10 prefectures, including Fukushima, had a shipment restriction in place. For five prefectures–Aomori, Saitama, Yamanashi, Nagano and Shizuoka–wild