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Confirmed effects

Hospital, “Preventive thyroid test is not covered by health insurance.”

According to a clinic in Kashiwa Chiba, preventive test of thyroid is not covered by health insurance. They commented on their website like this below, 甲状腺機能検査について保険適用できますという医療機関があるようですが、保険適用が認められるかどうか(その診療内容)を審査するのは国の機関です。 保険適用の場合、個人負担は3割(例外あり)となり残りは国から診療報酬という形で医療機関に入ります。 そこで、その診療に対して審査機関に認めてもらえない場合、7割(場合によって全額)が医療機関の負担となり実施すること自体が困難となります。 現段階では明らかな症状がない場合、国に保険適用での甲状腺検査を是と望むのは難しい状況です。 そこで当院としては放射能による健康被害を心配されている方々の要望にお応えすべく、健診という形で甲状腺機能検査を行う事と致しましたのでご理解の程宜しくお願い致します。


[Albino] White crow found in Ohda city Shimane

  Albino crow was found in Ohda city Shimane. It’s completely white with blue eyes. It is a mutation of jungle crow (Corvus macrorhynchos). Related article..[Chernobyl] Albino mutation ratio of


Radiation watcher is losing his eyesight after visiting Fukushima and other hotspots

Fukushima Diary has been reporting a lot of videos of this radiation watcher. He measured radiation level on the street and black substance in Fukushima, Ibaraki, and other locations called


Kashiwa city served Fukushima rice for school lunch to fight harmful rumor

To fight harmful rumor, Tadami machi in Fukushima and Kashiwa city in Chiba exchanged 60kg of local rice and Kashiwa city served the Fukushima rice for school lunch in Dai


[Column] Wisdom to realize our own ignorance

Fukushima accident is full of something unknown. What to do, how it is going to be settled, what is going on, and what really happened in the first week. NHK


[Column] Soon it will be one year since I left Japan

Soon it will be one year since I jumped out of Japan with only one laptop and I’m still alive. When I left there, I was as clear as Mark


The prosecution sent public prosecutors to Fukushima plant

The prosecution is investigating Tepco executives and governmental persons in charge for professional negligence resulting in injury or death. As a process, they sent prosecutors to Fukushima plant to interview

Spent Fuel Pools

Fuel clad of SFP3 reaches 800℃ within 1 day without coolant water

Tepco reported the fuel clad of spent fuel pool in reactor3 reaches 800℃ in case it loses the coolant water. Tepco comments they can restart giving coolant water within 1