[Column] Beyond distrust

I despair of Japan too deeply.
Some people may think I’m being depressed, but actually I don’t even feel sad.

I mean the Japanese government, not people.

It was not only just after 311,I have been in despair of the government and local governments constantly till now, and will be.
Probably I could understand that they couldn’t decide to evacuate people around in Tokyo area when Fukushima plant was about to explode. but they are still selling food from somewhere, distributing debris, and hiding all the feedback from that.
Now you can’t trust the official food measurement, label of origin, parameters of Fukushima plant, nothing.

Probably the country had been rotten since before 311, and some people got to notice what it actually is after 311.
Anyone who could potentially do something for the entire situation has done nothing. They even restarted Ohi nuclear plant and will restart more.
None of our voices change anything.

They are going to have an election on 12/16/2012, but I’m already chill.
I should have the right to be chill at least.

Even about the debris, some of the local governments stopped accepting it but most of them have decided to accept. and those who stopped will try to accept again. It’s like a Tsunami of debris.

I quit trying to move the government 1000 years ago.
I’m sailing a boat to do something that I think is right without any interruption.
I just think the country won’t stop until it completely hits against a wall like when it had WW2.
You can’t stop the truck rolling down on the hill until it crashes.

I’m not sad, not even depressed, but I’m ashamed. I just want to walk away with as many people as possible.
I’m not in Japan. Japan is in me. The culture of food, the sense of value, the sense of beauty, all those conceptual things are the complex of Japanese-ness and have the value to hand down.

I just hope you to understand this feeling.


I can’t tell how many cheques were sent to the address because probably they are still at postoffice, but I sense some are heading for the address indicated. Thank you very much. I will try more and more because I’m not Japanese government.


Français :

[Édito] Au-delà de la méfiance

Je désespère trop profondément du Japon.
Certains peuvent penser que je suis dépressif mais en fait je ne peux même pas dire que je suis triste.

Je parle du gouvernement japonais, pas des gens.

Ça n’a pas été seulement après le 11-3 que j’ai désespéré du gouvernement et des autorités locales de façon constante jusqu’à maintenant et demain encore.
Je pourrais peut-être comprendre qu’ils ne pouvaient pas décider d’évacuer les gens autour de la région de Tokyo lorsque la centrale de Fukushima était sur le point d’exploser mais ils continuent de vendre de la nourriture, de semer des débris et de cacher tout ce qui en découle.
A présent, on ne peut pas croire dans les mesures officielles sur la nourriture, l’étiquetage d’origine, les paramètres à la centrale, rien.

Le pays était sans doute pourri avant le 11-3 et certains ont noté ce qu’il en est depuis le 11-3.
Tous ceux qui pouvaient faire quelque chose sur la situation générale n’ont rien fait. Ils ont même redémarré la centrale nucléaire d’Ohi et ils vont en redémarrer d’autres.
Aucune de nos voix n’y change rien.

Ils vont se faire des élections le 16 décembre 2012 mais je suis déjà frileux.
Je devrais au moins avoir le droit d’être frileux.

Même sur les débris, certaines autorités locales ont arrêté d’en accepter mais la plupart d’entre eux ont décidé de les accepter et ceux qui ont refusé vont essayer d’accepter à nouveau. On a comme un Tsunami de débris.

J’arrête d’essayer de tirer le gouvernement de 1000 ans en arrière.
Je vogue sur un bateau pour faire quelque chose que je pense juste, sans interruption.
Je pense seulement que le pays ne va pas s’arrêter tant qu’il ne sera pas complètement rentré dans le mur, comme pendant la 2e guerre mondiale.
On ne peut pas arrêter un camion qui dévale une colline jusqu’à ce qu’il s’écrase.

Je ne suis pas triste, même pas déprimé mais j’ai honte. Je veux seulement marcher au loin avec autant de gens que possible.
Je ne suis pas au Japon. Le Japon est en moi. La culture culinaire, le sens des valeurs, le sens de la beauté, toutes ces choses conceptuelles sont la complexité de la “japonitude” et sont des valeurs à transmettre.

J’espère seulement que vous comprenez ce sentiment.


Je ne peux pas dire combien de chèques ont été envoyés parce qu’il y en a sans doute encore à la poste mais je sens que certains se dirigent vers l’adresse indiquée. Merci beaucoup. Je vais essayer de plus en plus parce que je ne suis pas le gouvernement japonais.

  1. Long and winding road…
    You must take vitamin c and do de chelation with distilled water….and alcohol.
    Trust me.
    All the things you say about the unsurmountability of the problem I think are true.
    Peace and get good sleep.

  2. >>they are still selling food from somewhere, distributing debris, and hiding all the feedback from that.

    For example, what a really really stupid idea to sell contamined pond/river salmon from many places in East Japan.

    >>I quit trying to move the government
    What you are doing is providing very valuable information for those who can now make better decisions to better protect their love ones (children).
    I will not try to stop the Japanese authorities (it is a titanic), but if a child gets a better health prognostic from your information, that is worth much much more than to do something for these corporate vomits in authority who are making sure kids eat contaminated Fukushima food while they eat only food that has very high chance not to be contaminated.
    Maybe Japanese have develop such great culture and traditions to find a relief, a balance somehow from the demons in power.

  3. I can understand the feeling. My co-citizens continuously re-elect a mayor that supports bullfighting and the military even if they are mostly against such things. I know it’s not as horrible as the catastrophe of Japan but it’s the same kind of idiocy. I feel hopeless and ashamed all the same.

    But guess we can do two things: keep fighting for whatever is worth or surrender.

    Surrendering does not seem to have any advantage whatsoever. So keep fighting. Maybe you’ll help save a live or a dozen.

  4. “I’m not in Japan. Japan is in me. The culture of food, the sense of value, the sense of beauty, all those conceptual things are the complex of Japanese-ness and have the value to hand down.”

    Very true. Please keep this sensitivity.

    From an experience of 20 years of exile because of a sudden war, I can tell you that you will change with time.

    There will be times when you will want to just be Japanese and everyone else will seem to be an enemy or at least unwilling to understand you — you will feel terrible pain and emptiness because people around you are not Japanese; there will be times when Japanese who still live in Japan confuse you and when you will be angry and ashamed to be Japanese, and you will run away from your “inner Japan”. Both feelings are completely natural in exile.

    Preserve the most precious elements of culture (including the language!!! it’s easy to forget kanjis!), but also allow yourself to integrate good elements of other cultures.

    You are Japanese, and you should always remain Japanese, but you are also simply a human being. Cultivate your inner freedom so that you can remain a warrior. There is a long road ahead, stay strong.

  5. At one moment, the japanese Government considered evacuation of Tokyo but unfortunately did not take this necessary decision.
    Divine Messages recommended continuously to evacuate urgently the population, only solution to protect people from severe health problems they are facing now and will have to face in the future due to ongoing radioactivity.
    Learn more about the warnings and advice addressed to the japanese Government by the Other World on
    Don’t miss the publication “The Japanese Government was warned”.

  6. The reason my friend is quite simple. Governments are not supposed to serve the benefits of their own people, although they try to convince us by MSM that they do so. However it is not their first lie, in fact it is their biggest lie.

  7. I like everything Japanese (food, culture, work ethic, etc), but the pro nuke pro confrontation right wingers in Japan is really creating the strong sense of distrust among the Asians, especially among Chinese (+oversea) and Korean. The Japanese right wing politicians completely ruin the “Japanese brand” in large part of Asia (Ie : China, Taiwan, etc). Asia/world faces a gloomy future with 311 and the rise of right wingers in Japan.

    To put things in better perspective, it’s like French people getting pissed off with the resurgence of Nazist party in Germany or worshipping of dead Nazi soldiers by German politicians.

    1. Here in France, we have enough to be ashamed of ourselves with our local extreme right-wing party scores.

      I’d like to believe it’s a misunderstanding, scores are false or something, but I can hear the blind anger of people around me.
      Guess that’ll be the case everywhere around these days.

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