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Sea contamination

Greenpeace measured 12.6 Bq/Kg of cesium from fish sold at a supermarket in Kanagawa

On 9/19/2012, Greenpeace measured 12.6 Bq/Kg of cesium from fish sold at a supermarker. Sample : Bonito Sampling date : 9/9/2012 Origin : Miyagi Location of the supermarket : Fujisawa

Food contamination

Contaminated mushroom over the safety limit shipped and sold “mistakenly”

From 10/15 to 11/10/2012, 3kg of shiitake mushroom which they measured 170 Bq/kg of cesium from was shipped to the direct sales stores in Futtsu city and Kimitsu city and sold


Radiation monitoring post of Fukushima medical university is out of order

Radiation monitoring post of Fukushima medical university is out of order. (57km from Fukushima plant) It is not known since when.   Source   Related article..Fukushima prefecture to build the


276,000 Bq/Kg from soil of Kashiwa Chiba

Kyoto newspaper reported high level of cesium was measured in the soil of Kashiwa Chiba, where is known to be hotspot. The information was found in the article about evacuees


[Contamination reached far western Japan] 80 Bq/Kg of cesium from tea leaves produced in Kagoshima

According to the analysis of Citizens’ nuclear information center, 80 Bq/Kg of cesium134/137 was measured from tea leaves produced in Kagoshima prefecture, where is the furthest western part of Japan

Core removing struggle

[Former chairman of nuclear safety commission] “You can never feel reassured about nuclear power, it’s so spooky.”

Interview with Madarame, the former chairman of nuclear safety commission in 2005. He was honest to say they don’t know entire things about nuclear power, they can never feel reassured


[Same substance in Kashiwa ?] Yellow substance stuck to street trees in Ibaraki

The source of this article is a Japanese forum “2ch” unlike other articles on Fukushima Diary based on more solid sources.   172 :地震雷火事名無し(茨城県):2012/11/12(月) 17:08:05.43 ID:m24TG1jz0 前スレに街路樹の幹に黄色いものが付いているというレスがあったけど、 同じと思われるものを近所で見つけたのでうpしてみました。 ・・・ 前スレ473さんの言うようにコケとはちょっと違う感じ。


[Bloomberg column] Right-Wing Japan Relives 19th Century

<Quote> [Bloomberg] Japan’s leaders just can’t seem to put the 19th century behind them. It may be 2012, and the world surrounding this island nation of 126 million is changing


[Column] Before burning the last wood

Now I’m in LA. On 11/11/2011, after having a lunch meeting, I was a little bit tired. I found myself researching the history of Easter island for some reason. There


[Dawn of the fascism] Noda set to call general election by end of this year (Mainichi)

<Quote> [Mainichi] [毎日]   Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda is set to dissolve the powerful House of Representatives to call a general election by the end of this year, sources close