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[Mysterious Statistics] Japanese deaths of miscellaneous accident increased 17% in Jan and Feb of 2011

Deaths of miscellaneous accident include the deaths of 311. However, the total miscellaneous accidental deaths of January and February of 2011 was 117% of 2010 according to the demographic statistics

Effects to be confirmed

Japanese public agency anticipates the increasing uterine cancer cases of under 44 y.o. for the next 30 years

According to Japanese independent administrative corporation, “National Cancer Center”, the cases/rates of uterine cancer, cervix uteri, corpus uteri for 15 ~ 44 years old women are expected to be increasing until

Confirmed effects Effects to be confirmed

The second thyroid cancer patient is female, 16 ~ 18 years old

Fukushima Diary reported the second thyroid cancer patient in Fukushima.[Link] On 11/18/2012, the health management committee of Fukushima reported it was 16 ~ 18 years old female.   ↓ Big