JP Gov sends the second most requests for Twitter to disclose account information in the world

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Japanese government is the second most scared of internet power.

The government with the worst internet-phobia in the world was US.

According to Twitter Transparency Report from Jan 2012 to Jun 2012, Twitter received the second most user information requests from Japanese government, which was 98 cases.

JP Gov sends the second most requests for Twitter to disclose account information in the world



This initial Twitter Transparency Report includes data from January 1, 2012 through June 30, 2012. We’ll be updating this information twice a year.

This data includes government requests we’ve received for user account information, typically in connection with criminal investigations or cases.

・We notify affected users of requests for their account info unless we’re prohibited by law.
・More information is available in our Guidelines for Law Enforcement.
・To minimize potential risk to ongoing investigations, we’re not including specific numbers for countries where we’ve received      fewer than 10 requests; instead you’ll see ‘<10’ in the relevant cells.
・Same holds true for number of ‘Users/Accounts specified’ – to minimize potential risk to our users, we’re not including specific numbers where fewer than 10 ‘Users/Accounts specified’ are affected; instead you’ll see ‘<10’ in the relevant cells.
・’Users/Accounts Specified’ includes the accounts identified in government requests we’ve received, and may include the same account being requested more than once or requests for accounts that do not exist or were misidentified.
・We may not comply with every request for a variety of reasons. For example:
・We do not comply with requests that fail to identify a Twitter user account.
・We may seek to narrow requests that are overly broad.
・In other cases, users may have challenged the requests after we’ve notified them.





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