Deformed plants in South Ibaraki

Deformed plants are found in a contaminated area of Southern Ibaraki.

Deformed plants in South Ibaraki


 ↓ Double-headed corn. [Link]

Deformed plants in South Ibaraki


↓ cf. Tokyo metropolitan Government Office building

Metropolitan Government Office building

Deformed plants in South Ibaraki3


[Southern Ibaraki, deformed plant in highly contaminated area] First of all, the normal mullein.






deformed plants south ibaraki


[Southern Ibaraki, deformed plant in highly contaminated area] Beside the normal mullein, a deformed mullein with double-headed flower looking like a heart mark.





Deformed plants in South Ibaraki6


Beside the deformed one, another deformed one with separated top of the flower.





Deformed plants in South Ibaraki7


I saw cabbage butterfly only once this Spring (Because I didn’t go out so often ?), no brown rot that cherries have every year. have hardly seen a tree frog either. haven’t seen a swallow. Where did they go ? The dandelion beside the porch looks strange too..





Deformed plants in South Ibaraki8


[Tokyo] We live in such a circumstance of eastern Japan. In Kitanomaru park (North of imperial palace), double-headed dandelion was also found.




  1. we found a mutant baby turtle who had no front feet or claws – he has front legs but only stumps at the end. his hind legs seem intact. and we are way over here in northwest tennessee USA ♥ i love you

    1. Amy,my home is in the little pinkie area of Michigan, Traverse City is known as the Cherry Capital. First the weather practically ruined the crop and then there have been mutated fruit in doubles or triples. Farmers grow apples, peaches, nectarines and other fruits that are only now ripening. Everything is damaged by the terrific heat, drought conditions, and the radiation. Our nation was known as the breadbasket to the world and we are facing famine, illness and death from one source or another. Now, our leaders are continuing to beat the war drums and have sent our battleships to provoke the Russians and Chinese over Syria. Then onward to Iran. “Hell is empty, and all the Devils are here.” William Shakespeare.

  2. FUKUSHIMA DIARY FR – Des plantes déformées dans le Sud d’Ibaraki.
    Par Mochizuki, le 17 juillet 2012 · 1 Commentaire.

    On trouve des plantes déformées dans une zone contaminée du Sud d’Ibaraki (mi-distance de Tokyo.


    ↓ Maïs bicéphale. []

    ↓ cf. le bâtiment des bureaux du Conseil Général de Tokyo

    — 知足さん (@KazenoChisoku) 7月 16, 2012

    (photo d’un bouillon blanc, aka Verbascum thapsus, Scrophulariacée)

    (Traduction) [Sud d’Ibaraki, plante déformée dans une zone hautement contaminée] Pour commencer, le plant normal.(Fin)

    — 知足さん (@KazenoChisoku) 7月 16, 2012

    (photo d’un bouillon blanc à plusieurs têtes)

    (Traduction) [Sud d’Ibaraki, plantes déformées dans une zone hautement contaminée] Sous le bouillon normal, un déformé à inflorescence au moins bicéphale en forme de coeur.(Fin)

    — 知足さん (@KazenoChisoku) 7月 16, 2012

    (photo d’un bouillon blanc à plusieurs têtes)

    (Traduction) A côté de lui, un autre à plusieurs têtes d’inflorescence. (Fin)

    — 知足さん (@KazenoChisoku) 6月 1, 2012

    (photo d’un autre bouillon blanc à plusieurs têtes)

    (Traduction) Je n’ai vu qu’une seule piéride du chou ce printemps (parce que je ne suis pas sorti souvent ?), pas de rouille brune que les cerisiers ont tous les ans. pas vu de grenouille arboricole non plus, même pas un moineau. Où sont-ils partis ? Le pissenlit à côté du porche a une forme étrange aussi…(Fin)

    と言われても…。我々東日本の国民はこんな環境で生活しているってことですね。北の丸公園(皇居の北側)ではこんな双頭のタンポポも  @watarihoukou なにこのシュールな写真。。。…
    — 知足さん (@KazenoChisoku) 7月 16, 2012

    (photo d’un pissenlit à deux tête et le compteur qui indique 0,12)

    (Traduction) [Tokyo] Nous vivons une drôle de situation dans l’Est du Japon. Dans le parc de Kitanomaru (Nord du Palais Impérial), on trouve aussi des pissenlits à deux têtes.(Fin)

    1. Merci pour vos traductions à l’usage des non-anglophones ! Juste une petite remarque: swallow = hirondelle (et non moineau)


  3. In Vancouver, British Columbia we are also seeing some minor mutations; my son caught 4 tadpoles, and we watched them become frogs. One of the four had no front legs, and we have not seen it in our small fish pond for a week or so. I think it might have died.

    We also had some mildly mutated spinach this week – grown locally. Instead of the usual leaves, it had triangular leaves, and threw out many stems from the main stock.I have never seen spinach like it before.These are definite mutations; the question is whether they are natural, or radiation induced. I fear the latter.

    We have many fewer flying insects and birds it seems, as well. I have seen only a few butterflies, and many fewer bees than is normal.

  4. There is a very strange abnormality occurring in my strawberry plant at this moment. One of the stems is 4 times normal length, grew some leaves and then continued to grow in length. Does anyone know where we can post photos of the strange things that now grow? I have several photos…. from Northern California. Kowai desu ne.

    1. That sounds like a so called “runner”, it will grow into a new plant if you let it.
      I hope that helps 😉

    1. Thanks! You should see the freak strawberry growing in my yard… still growing too. Yes documenting….

  5. I just have one question :
    I live in the South-East of France ; after Chernobyl accident, the CRIIRAD (independent lab) made a measurement campaign in the first 2000’s and found here a soil contamination of 4 000 – 10 000 bq/m2 and the INRS (official administration which measure the air radioactivity) found a average level of radiation of 0,07 – 0,12 µSv (with a maximum of 0,3 µSv in St Étienne, because of the coal mines – including the radon gas effect, very high in here, and the relative neighbouring of nuke plants – at 70-100 km), but, except in places very highly contaminated down in the South (30 000 bq/m2 or more, like in Bouches-du-Rhône), where I could observe in many places, in the firt 90’s, rosmary bushes that grows very strange (making waves instead of growing upright), there were no generalised mutations of the plants (you find very little few, as normal way).
    Do you think that can be related to the special kind of Fukushima fallout in Ibaraki area ? (other radioelements than césium, alpha and bêta emitters, even if we will maybe never know their exact composition or concentration) ?
    May be another explanation ?


  6. For years I have used very much garlic in cooking. The other day I pealed two bulbs to use for dinner. One bulb had a very normal +/- 16 cloves beneath the outer paper membrane. The other had +/- 42 cloves! They were very skinny; nearly unusable. I never saw anything like this before. It was west coast (U.S) garlic. Also, have some very unique tomatoes growing in the garden with nearly triangular leaves. They have blossomed and have a few fruit on them. It has been very hot here. Will monitor.

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