Anonymous watching Japan

Following up this article..[Ohi] Ohi nuclear plant restarted. -Let’s make our new Japan

Anonymous is getting involved in Japanese political situation about nuclear.








  1. I am suspicious of Anonymous. I think it may be a government operation. The movement against nuclear power is gaining in strength and I think that Anonymous has showed up to “divide and conquer” the movement. I want nothing to do with anonymous.

  2. Expectation is not a virtue. It is basically a threat. Anonymous could be perceived as a terrorist organization. Be careful of your associations.

    1. I’m a little confused and can see both perspectives, but which way do you see Anonymous – as a governmemt sponsored org, a terrorist group, or both?
      By that I mean a terrorist sponsored gov’t group purposely intended to snare opposition or reak havoc. (my definition) As more comes out about Osama Bin Ladin’s association with the CIA I see your point, if that is your point.

  3. Interesting perspective, Steve, thanks for sharing your thoughts.

    1. I don’t think Anonymous is a government operation…A threat to governments?…Yes! Percieved as a terrorist organization?…Yes! Associate with them?…No!
      My family and I watched the Tsunami come in!…I have pictures on my Facebook!!…We did’nt know the real danger was radiation!!!
      What will happen to my family?
      I hope whomever is responsible is brought to justice!!!

  4. FUKUSHIMA DIARY FR – Anonymous se tourne vers le Japon.
    Par Mochizuki, le 4 juillet 2012.

    Les Anonymous s’impliquent dans la situation politique japonaise sur le nucléaire.

    (3 images captures de tweets)

    1- de Anonymous Operations (@Anon_Central) :
    “Bonjour gouvernement japonais. On dirait bien que vous avez énervé la ruche en redémarrant la centrale. dez-vous à nous voir n’importe quand mintenant.”

    2- de Anonymous Operations (@Anon_Central) :
    “Bonjour Japon. Vous voulez aider vos frères et soeurs ? Rejoignez-nous ici : canal: #OpJapan On vous y attend ! #Anonymous

    3- de Anonymous IRC (@AnonymousIRC) :
    “Nous sommes le peuple. des Etats Unis d’Amérique. Et du Japon. Et d’Europe. Et d’Afrique. Canada et Amérique du Sud aussi. Nous combattons unis.

    1. you wanna help all the info is right there. anonymous is what you make it. you dont even know wassup.

  5. “There is no honor in wearing a mask and therefore any good deed no matter how well intentioned is devalued and weak.
    I am certain (instinctually) that this anonymous concept was created in some masonic lodge or some other ill establishment as a way to cause disruption and cast the blame on everyday people and not the real perpetrators who are actually agents of the NWO
    They will use this to put sabotage in the consciousness of the masses so as to tighten their grip on surveillance + control”

    I js found the above quote doing a search on “the truth about anonymous”

    As for me, Dave Stout,I do like the mask…however, as a thought, I noticed today that someone named “Ben Haagse” on facebook had commented on a video I posted in Fukushima diary entitled:

    “Israel Did Fukushima!!! 1/7

    “Ben Haages” Facebook profile picture was someone with an anonymous Guy Hawkes mask…his comment under my post here on Fukushima Diary was:


    I commented back: “Ben Haages is a Zionist Troll” and also “Haages = Pigs (typical)”…I searched for the name and found a page where this “Ben Haages” had created and downloaded many Fukushima badges to post on his Facebook profile…when I clicked on a link there my computer and Internet went down and I had to reboot and run Norton anti-virus…when I then logged back in to facebook not only had the “Ben Haages” comment completely disappeared from Fukushima diary but also his entire profile has now vanished from Facebook….so I agree with Steve Moyer…cool masks but lets not get distracted…myself I have donated here what little I can, I do not wear a mask and my Facebook profile is entirely transparent…and I have posted LOTS of very controversial and “scary” stuff that may get me in trouble…every morning I light sage and japanese incense and meditate and say prayers for Japan and all of us here on this planet (but especially Japan right now)…lets stay focused…Mitakuye Oyasin…Dave Stout, Asheville, NC USA

    1. “There is no honor in wearing a mask and therefore any good deed no matter how well intentioned is devalued and weak”

      Sounds like someone whose blog got the DDOS treatment, lol. Anyway, I was rather impressed by Anon’s takedown of a large server hosting child porn a while back, as well as tracing the IP addresses of over 1000 members of the group who used it to determine their real identities.

      They also threatened a Mexican drug cartel recently and successfully convinced the cartel to release someone they’d kidnapped (a fellow member of Anon) and if you’re going up against people who have a strong vested interest in your death and the budget to pull it off anywhere on Earth then wearing a mask is basic prudence (just like I bet the pedophiles Anon took down would love to get their hands on whoever cracked their server!). Also, since the cartels are ultimately run by people with tremendous wealth and power and who are never seen being carted off by police, messing with them strongly implies that Anon (or at least those particular members of it) is not a secret government operation as a divided house cannot stand (the cartels are already a government black op, so one black op attacking another makes no sense).

      But at the same time they’re like a street protest in that anyone can walk up and join it and so some are going to be ill-intentioned, some will be attempting to discredit the group by doing stupid or harmful things in their name, and some will uphold the ideals of freedom and transparency spelled out in their slogans and videos in a genuine effort to do something positive for those of us that seem to keep getting the shaft.

      And bureaucracy is the most dishonorable mask to hide behind of all.

  6. #anon is righteous, they weigh their responses carefully and take measured actions/responses when behaviour is such that it is obviously and extremely wrong and nothing or no one is keeping the offenders in check. When there is no recourse there is annonymous. They are THE premiere high tech entity for good, that is all and that is final.

  7. I’m a bit cautious about Anonymous because it’s one of those one-sided things. You can never argue, inquire, or disagree with Anonymous. Any group that is ALWAYS right can’t be right. Just my humble opinion. Then there is this thing about secrecy. Isn’t that a bit underhanded? I mean, what’s to stop someone from doing harm because no one knows Anonymous. I’m wishing Anonymous would be SomeThing or SomeBody in the open. There’s enough mystery and unexplainable things without doing so on purpose. Enough. Maybe I’ll never figure it out.

  8. It dosnt matter who they are as long as we get people to join together and work to save japan and the world before its too late if any one has a better idea now would be a good time to share it there is no time to spare

    1. Lead and boron, let it melt into the mix, “neutron poisons” only way unless they won’t or it is too late. Both are plentiful and from what I see are not being used. This goes to the end my friend, all the way to the end.

  9. Ah now were getting somewhere ideas ,small minds gossip great minds share ideas and solutions tap tap come on people , come together and think share solve live love and survive and be happy bless you Iori for giving us a forum to share

  10. I think anonomous and group are doing a much needed service for our world, not just in Japan’s case but all over the world…I have not seen any terorist or other nefarious actions come out of their group, just a “big brother” approach when action is desperately needed…and I think the situation in Japan is such that their group can help…Thank you Anonomous and group for stepping in and helping…keep up the great work 🙂

  11. I agree completly with Mr. Dave and some others, the are as Wikileak/Assagne and all the comotion it brouth to the surface, and I tell you something, I havent read one WK document, intentionaly, because its irrelevant and even wurse, a distraction from the present issues, like the fu.. radiation and peoples expoced.

    This annon is for me, the realtime eqvivalent of Wikileak, all noise, no subsance, and I am to old and grupy to bother to take notise, unless the digg up something UPDATED, and I have zero intress in what a low graded druling runnerboy(officiale person, in any sence), I want the inner circle, they are the one that sets the agenda, not the Gardener in the Basment.

    They simply are not able or is not willing, to reveal something usfull, and based on this little barrage I understands their innitila notion, with the G. F Mask.

    Otherwise, a watchdog like Fukushima Diary, with the collective knowledge, and also, even more important, is able to READ the shitt we are feeded on a dayli basis. There are keyelements, that they also are aware of, some isotops and netrons are not reported anymore, why.
    And also posess the local and sosiogeoraphical bowl of people and culture, Japan is. Faar more waluable, in any sence, then Annon.


    “I often warn people: “Somewhere along the way, someone is going to tell you, ‘There is no “I” in team.’ What you should tell them is, ‘Maybe not. But there is an “I” in independence, individuality and integrity.”
    ― George Carlin
    a modern man

  12. Let me make my position clear, it were not for the Anonymous group and Julian Assange we would still be the sheeple. Hope you all have a short wave radio. If not get one. Their not expensive. Internet SHUT OFF swith will be usee in case of “national emergency” which is any further deteriation o reactor 4. I got my on Amazon. Radio Shack also supplies themk Don’t wait.

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