[Ajisai revolution] Police is already setting up steel barricades

Following up this article..AJISAI revolution / La révolution des hortensias -Japanese having revolution

Another massive protest is planned to be held from 18:00 to 20:00 on 7/13/2012 (JST).

Police announced that they are going set up barricades made of steel not to let the protest come to roadways, divide the areas around national diet into 7 sections, and also have Tokyo metro control passengers to go join the protest. A Tokyo citizen already saw police setting up the steel barricade.




Probably it will be completely blockaded in front of official residence tomorrow, by police. Today they were already preparing the barricade.






  1. This is not going to be a safe demonstration–the people are being treated like cattle going into a stockyard. What is the UN doing about this? The Arab Spring has nothing on this protest — many thousands of people in fear of their lives because the government is not doing its job. Government is to protect the citizens.not themselves. Wonder if an election would even be legitimate now???

  2. When I read about the call for a revolution in Japan; I thought of all the demonstrations around the world in the name of Occupy Wall Street and Occupy the World; and the demonstrations in nations who have suffered economic devastation. Nothing has happened to be beneficial despite the people in the streets. In the US, it is as though the Occupy movement never happened and now there are laws that are against basic rights under our Constitution, and the citizens are now considered terrorists when they demonstrate. We have a police community that has been trained by the military and have been given military weaponry. We will eventually have military drones flying over our heads and the government has the right to use them against groups. Knowing how things have changed in my own nation, I can only hope that the Japanese people will be dedicated in their attempts to right the wrongs done to them and to the rest of the world community.

  3. I’ve lost faith in humanity “, I think nomatter who is elected they are/will turn into “smiling tiger’s”. This is the opitame of human weakness and the consequenses and it’s everywhere we are. It makes me infinetely vomitous.

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