Japanese pushed to the corner to revolt


Japanese is finally noticing that they are surrounded by the invisible walls.
Since when the bubble ended in 1992, Japan has been in the long recession, called Japanese lost 20 years. Leaders changed like revolving lantern. Japanese became aware that their voice is not reflected in the political situation but they tried to ignore the fact and indulged themselves in the fading prosperity.

However, they can not ignore it anymore.
Since 311, their government has been all trying to kill the people instead of saving. Concealing SPEEDI, having people remain in hotspots, covering all the information and having set the food regulation to save the producers instead of the consumers.

Countless petition, demonstration, and discussion have been done but none of them have been effective.

Since last Japanese revolution in mid 19th century, Japanese have not felt the necessity of revolt this much.
Japanese is finally starting to be aware that they have been quiet for too long. They are trying to recall how to stand up against the power.

On 3/11/2012, 14,000 people demonstrated in Tokyo and made a human chain to surround Japanese parliament. A man in the chain asked police, anti-nuke movement is getting slow. Police whispered, it’s not getting slow. They think it was an achievement to have had 2012 without any clash. It’s rather to be more active.

Because people are more and more aware, mass media is busy at manipulating information. NHK can’t establish their policy to be pro-nuke or anti-nuke. Currently, SNS leads the social consensus. The world has changed.

However, the fact is that none of the consensus can affect the political decision.
On 3/11/2012, Japanese prime minister Noda had speech to spread the radioactive debris to all over Japan. It is assumed that they will take radioactive debris even to Okinawa in April. There is even an unconfirmed information that they have already taken it and landfilled. People in Okinawa is starting to claim that they are having nosebleed or sore throat.
Utter ignorance of the public officers keeps situation going worse regardless of the petition and enlightening movement of the citizens.
In Okinawa, there are approximately 10,000 people evacuated from the main islands of Japan. For them, Okinawa is the last radiation haven. In the end of WWW2, Okinawa was the last battle field between Japan and US. Now in 21st century, Okinawa is becoming the last battle field between radiation pilgrim and Japanese government.

At this moment, it’s highly likely that citizens will fail.
Contaminated food is still served at school lunch, and on the shelves of the supermarkets. Decontamination is becoming the business to be beneficial for the government.
There is the concrete fact that people can no longer change the situation legally.

Japanese have been educated to think expressing your own opinion is rude. Now they are trying to learn how to speak out from the cases of overseas, such as Tibet, Tunisia, Egypt or Greece.
Because they are becoming more emotional, they are ignoring that most of the protests ended up failing. Everyday, new terms come up on the SNSs such as hunger strike, human chain, direct appeal, use of force and assassination.
Authority made a police box in front of the house of Mr. Katsumata, the chairman of Tepco. It means they are feeling the threat of people.

Because people can’t do anything for Fukushima anymore, they keep themselves distracted at alternative issues.

1. Attempt to stop all the nuclear plants in Japan.
2. Measuring radiation all around in their circumstances and food.
3. Acting against the policy to spread the radioactive debris.
4. Revealing the manipulated facts about the decontamination business..

Soon these will be united and lose its focus to turn to be violence.

The more aware people become, the harder the government becomes.
Japanese society is tensioned.



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