[Ajisai Revolution] Noda hides from the protest every Friday night


Since 6/16/2012, when Noda decided to restart Ohi nuclear plant, he can not go out from official residence because of the protest.
Close associates comments Noda could go out from the back door, but when the protestors are in front of the entrance, he can’t sneak out for drink.

Having described the protest as “big sound”,[Link] he was criticized. In the House of Councilors Committee on the Budget of 7/10, he commented he can’t recall the context to describe it as “big sound”.
However, he states he won’t countermand of restart of Ohi nuclear plant.

Around 8:00 of 7/13/2012, when the protestors were still surrounding Nagatacho,[Link] Noda commented he hope to hear a lot of opinions for the question “Is there any plan for the spreading protest ? ” of the press.



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