[Video] 200,000 demonstration from sky. Noda “It’s a big sound.”

IWJ (Independent web journal), a Japanese independent journalists company chartered a helicopter.

Yamamoto Taro reported.


[Video] 200,000 demonstration from sky


[Video] 200,000 demonstration from sky 2


[Video] 200,000 demonstration from sky3


↓ A nun joined too

[Video] 200,000 demonstration from sky 5

↓ From around the world

[Video] 200,000 demonstration from sky 6

↓ This is why we must keep the demonstration peaceful.

[Video] 200,000 demonstration from sky 7

↓ The map of the demonstration


より大きな地図で 6/29 総理官邸前抗議集会 を表示

↓ Hodo station of TV Asahi covered the demonstration too.

Noda, Japanese prime minister commented “It’s a big sound.”

20120629 大飯原発再稼働 官邸前で反対デモ拡大 by PMG5

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