[Ajisai Revolution] Protest ended safely with the grotesque barricade of police

Protest ended safely. As far as reported, nobody was arrested and hospitalized.

It is assumed that police will blockade the streets way more strict next Friday.


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[Ajisai Revolution] Protest ended safely with the grotesque barricade of police60


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  1. FUKUSHIMA DIARY FR – [Ajisai Revolution] La manifestation s’est terminée correctement avec la grotesque barricade de la police.
    Par Mochizuki, le 13 juillet 2012.

    La manifestation s’est terminée correctement. Autant qu’on puisse en savoir pour l’instant, personne n’a été hospitalisé ou arrêté.

    On pense que la police bloquera les rues de façon encore plus stricte vendredi prochain.

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  2. “It is assumed that police will blockade the streets way more strict next Friday.” What if the protested moved to a different place or day suddenly?

  3. If you suddenly changed the time the government would then block that email or web site so people would not be able to look up if it was suddenly canceled.

    So if you instead made a rule that everyone drops what there doing and protests as soon ad a minor earthquake tremor is felt then everyone gets the signal.

    You can still protest every friday and have one surprise protest the next time there is a slight tremor.

  4. It’s time to start knocking those ridiculous barricades over and filling up the jails, then start knocking the jails over. Keeping the “protest” within the comically-narrow cattle chutes the police erect is not going to get anybody’s attention, obviously. If this is a life or death issue for the nation then it’s time to demand change and not worry about the consequences of a little civil disobedience. Or a lot of civil disobedience, for that matter. What does anyone have to lose at this point?

    1. You are 100% correct the cops or even the Japanese Forces could not do anything against millions of people even armed. Police would get shred to pieces if they started beating and shooting people or taking them to jail.

    2. There is nothing the COPS can do against an angry and punishing mob! except run for their lives!

  5. Actually, if this happens , the best thing the cops can do is to run for their lives and loose the uniform at the same time otherwise it will be carnage time!

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