Kepco stopped 8 thermal power plants for the oversupply of electricity to restart Ohi nuclear plant

As the reason to restart Ohi nuclear plant, Kepco and Japanese government pointed out the risk of power shortage, but Kepco stopped 8 thermal power plants after Ohi restart and the total power output decreased.
Kepco and Japanese government’s explanation turned out to be a lie.

They were deceived who thought the restart of Ohi nuclear is necessary to avoid power shortage again.

Kepco restarted Ohi nuclear plant unit3 on 7/1/2012.[Link] It started full operation on 7/9/2012, then Kepco stopped 8 thermal power plants on the same day.

However, the power output of Ohi nuclear plant is 1.18 million kW, where the total power output of 8 thermal power plants is 3.84 million kW. After restarting a nuclear plant and shutting down 8 thermal power plants, the total power supply decreased.

1.18 – 3.84 = -2.66 million kW

Spokes man of Kepco Kyoto branch stated they shut down those 8 thermal power plants because they have oversupply of power for the question of Kyoto labor’s union.
However, Kepco is still suggesting the possibility of planned power outage, asking Osaka citizens to save electricity. The reason is not explained.
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火電停止は電力余剰だった! 関電京都支店広報が明かす






  1. Wow, I’m really starting to think, that this might turn in to a revolution, though I’m not certain what is the preferred way of taking final care of traitors in Japan.

  2. There is no power shortage in supply, period. Even without nuclear power generation, capacity is twice that of current consumption. Solely with conventional thermal power generation capacity, it is 1.6 times the current consumption. At 65 percent capacity factor it will cover current annual consumption with buffer to spare.

  3. I knew it. I’ve been thinking that they make a lot more reactors that anyone actually needs, because they just want to make money from selling the technology.

    Sadly, any time I tell anyone about the dangers of nuclear tech, I still get stupid replies like, “we need the power!” and “I don’t want to go backwards!”

    We’re definitely going backwards as radiation from nuclear tech gradually destroys billions of years of global genetic development. But they say they don’t care about that because it won’t happen in their life time. Humans!

  4. The figures I stated are not for Ohi. It is for the whole of Japan. Iori can arrive at more or less the same figures I have and conclusion. It is straight from Japanese statistics.

  5. Its a brilliant scam. Keep charging the public to build more and more power plants for a “desperate shortage” while not actually using the plants the country has, in order to create the “desperate shortage”. When ordinary citizens do that sort of thing its called fraud and they go to jail. When the electricity industry does that, they make a fortune and place their people in key government roles. The blood of the Japanese victims of Fukushima is on their hands. They should be tried for their crimes.

  6. One reason, perhaps the main reason, npps are operated and subsidized is the manifacturing of plutonium.
    Generating electricity appears to be a side business.

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