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Confirmed effects

Voice of the streets 4/15/2012

プリザーブドフラワー(ドライフラワー加工品)検体から高数値の線量検出:ある結婚式場で製作したブーケのレプリカを参加した人から提供を受けた。核種分析をした結果;Cs134/2602Bq/Kg、137/4170Bq/Kgと大きな線量を検出。溶剤乾燥することに原因があると思われる。 — 日の本まもる(脱原発に一票) (@JYCEagara) April 14, 2012 <Translate> We measured Cs134/2602Bq/Kg、137/4170Bq/Kg from a replica of bouquet made in a wedding hall, which is processed dried flowers called preserved flowers. It is


Melted reactor 4

  A Fukushima citizen living in 30km area published the book about his experience after 311. In his book (P43), he refers to a nuclear worker who watched reactor 4


Tepco concealed another contaminated water leakage

Actual Fukushima worker Happy11311 tweeted Tepco concealed another contaminated water leakage and other important facts.     続き1:政府や東電は冷却系や窒素注入系、汚染水処理系は多重化してるから大丈夫って言うけど、その予備系もダメな時が多くてやりくりしてる状況なのに…。そういえば先週はある場所で汚染水が漏れたんだけど、どこ探しても発表してないんだよね…。 — ハッピー (@Happy11311) April 15, 2012 <Translate> Tepco and the government state


Decontamination researcher (58) died of brain hemorrhage

  Prof. Yamazaki Hiromichi from Cyclotron and Radioisotope Center, Tohoku University died of brain hemorrhage on 4/8/2012 in his house of Sendai. He was 58 years old. He was assigned


20,290 Bq/Kg of cesium from Yacon tea and already consumed

Following up this article..17,200 Bq/Kg from tea leaves From another sample of yacon tea, they measured 20,290 Bq/Kg of cesium. ヤーコン茶から17,200Bq/kg が検出された問題で、今回別の検体から20,290Bq/kgが検出されました。 The tea maker GOLD rand announce they measured


3150 Bq/Kg from incineration ash of disaster debris

  High level of cesium was measured from incineration ash of disaster debris. 高濃度のセシウムが瓦礫の焼却灰から検出されました。 No. 1 blast furnace 1号炉 406 ~ 542 Bq/kg No. 2 blast furnace 2号炉 436 ~


235 Bq/Kg from cherry blossom in Tokyo

  A Japanese radiation watcher measured 235±50.4 Bq/Kg of cesium from cherry blossom in Tokyo. He states the cherry blossoms were dropped on asphalt, where is not thought to be

Plant hazard

One of the last two heating gauges was broken in reactor 2

  There were only two heating gauges in the bottom of container vessel of reactor 2, but Tepco decided to abandon one of them. Now only one remains working. 2号機格納容器の底部温度を計る温度計は2つしか残っていませんでしたが、東電はそのうち1つをさらに監視対象から外すことを決めました。現在、残っている温度計は1つのみです。