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Confirmed effects

US navy was reported they measured 1.5 mSv/h Thyroid Dose in area south of Tokyo

<Quote> March 20th, 2011 – Navy Vice Admiral reports 150 millirem/hr Thyroid Dose in area south of Tokyo   UNITED STATES OF AMERICA NUCLEAR REGULATORY COMMISSION JAPAN’S FUKUSHIMA DAIICHI ET


Alpha ray 0.1μSv/h in Minamisoma

Mr. Oyama, Minamisoma city councilor measured 60 counts of alpha ray within 300 seconds at his home, on 4/5/2012. It was on the lid of a septic tank. The alpha


Settlement report 4/5/2012

Donation : 17.00 USD Expense : 12.50 USD Left in hat : 4.50 USD   Thank you for your support all the time.  I could even buy a coffee. Last


2.16 μSv/h from yellow powder

Following up this article..Yellow powder still remains in Tokyo Before the black substance covers Kanto area, yellow powder fell in Kanto. Radiation measurement by inspector was recorded by video and


Toyota plans to build a final disposal site for debris in their factory area

  Toyota decided to consider to build a final disposal side for disaster debris in their Tahara factory. It is on the condition that Aichi prefectural government gets agreement of

Food contamination

1400 Bq/Kg of Shiitake mushroom served in kindergarten

    1400 Bq/Kg of cesium was measured from Shiitake mushroom served for school lunch of a kindergarten. It was 3/21/2012, in Okazaki city Aichi. 2kg of the mushroom was

Contaminated water crisis

12 tones of water leaked to the sea containing beta nuclides

12 tones of highly radioactive water leaked to the sea again. It leaked from the part after desalination unit, but because it can’t filter beta nuclides, Sr-90 and other nuclides