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Tepco raises salary

Following up this article..Former president of Tepco, Shimizu got the golden parachute Tepco is going to raise their salary from 2013 by 460,000 JPY. Tepco is planning to raise electrical


Former president of Tepco, Shimizu got the golden parachute

Shimizu, former president of Tepco is going to be an outside director of Fuji Oil company, ltd to belong to Arabian Oil Company holdings on 6/25/2012. The largest shareholder of


Cesium fallout spikes every 40 days

  Cesium concentration and fallout in Fukushima go higher than average every 40 days regardless of the wind direction. Prof. Watanabe from Fukushima university analyzed the data to publish at

Sea contamination

Settlement report 5/28 ~ 5/30/2012

Donation : 153.00USD Expense : 23.00USD Left in hat : 130.00USD   Goal : 3,000.00 USD (My previous salary in Japan plus new server cost) Current total : 2,368.40 USD


Fukushima city rents dosimeter to pregnant women (for 1 week)

Having found numbers of hot spot, Fukushima city is going to rent dosimeter to pregnant women to reassure. It’s starting on 6/1/2012, the lending-period is one week . They distributed


Back ground:Incineration of Radioactive and Mixed Waste

<Quote> [Link]   Incinerators burn waste at high temperatures. The main purpose of incinerating radioactive waste is to reduce waste volume, since a large proportion consists of bulky items such

Domestic and global Environment Sea contamination

Reuters:Alaskan crews gear up to tackle Japan tsunami debris

Related to this article..Cesium from tuna fished in west coast of America <Quote> [Link] By Yereth Rosen ANCHORAGE, Alaska | Fri May 25, 2012 6:21am EDT (Reuters) – Cleanup workers


570 Bq/Kg of Iodine 131 was measured in Gunma

Following up this article..Iodine 131 measured in Kawasaki, Yokohama, Chiba and Gunma The highest reading of Iodine 131 to suggest the possibility of recriticality was measured in the small city

Natural disasters

Fukushima Daini was submerged

  Following up this article..Possible melt-out in Fukushima Daini Weekly Asahi reported Fukushima Daini was severely damaged by Tsunami and lost its coolant system as well. Tepco related workers state,

Plant hazard

Thermometers of reactor 2 indicate abnormal transition of temperature

Following up this article..Possible recriticality in reactor2 From the evening of 5/28/2012 (JST), 4 thermometers of reactor 2 have been showing abnormal temperature transition. Tepco states recriticality is not going