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Actual Fukushima worker suspects USA is pressuring Japan to restart nuclear plants

Following up this article..JP Prime minister confirmed the necessity of restarting Ooi nuclear plant Actual Fukushima worker suspects the influence of USA.   再稼動の裏にアメリカが絡んでる気がするのはオイラだけかなぁ…。 — ハッピー (@Happy11311) April 23, 2012

Confirmed effects Effects to be confirmed

Yamashita banned recording findings suggestive of thyroid nodule

Following up this article..7290 Bq/Kg from carnation in Fukushima In the symposium, a pulmonologist, Dr. Okayama gave a comment about the current situation of Japanese medical industry. He is from Sendai


Day wage of Fukushima worker is 2000~3000 yen

Following up this article..Possible melt-out in Fukushima Daini Mr. Suzuki also comments about the current wage of Fukushima workers. The interview was taken in the beginning of 2012. ――鈴木さんがいたころは作業員に高額な日当が付き、作業員が高級外車を乗り回すようになったそうですね。 鈴木 ただね、東電はいまだに「危険手当」を出していないから。東電がそれを出しちゃうと、フクイチが危険だと認めたことになるわけだから、協力企業が作業員に出していたわけ。でも今や日当は2,000円~3,000円ぐらいにまで下がってきているし、協力会社も経営が苦しくなって今後原発から撤退する企業が増えていくでしょう。

Core removing struggle

Possible melt-out in Fukushima Daini

Following up this article..Drug abuse of Fukushima workers Mr. Suzuki suggests the possibility of melt-out in Fukushima Daini in his book.   福島第2原発・・・通称2Fの状況が明らかに異様だ。なにがあったとしかおもえない。 Fukushima Daini, 2F as they call, is

Domestic and global Environment

Tepco started soil improvement work under reactor4

      Tepco started soil improvement work under reactor4. Tepco is planning to cover the reactor building with RC structure by autumn of 2013. Tepco is also tearing down


Itochu corporation sent 110 new employees to Fukushima for training

  Itochu corporation, a Japanese general merchants and traders sent 110 of new employees to Fukushima for its training though it has nothing to do with the skill related to

Contaminated water crisis Sea contamination

Tepco plans to pump up groundwater and discharge it to the sea

  200 ~ 400 m3 of groundwater flows into the basement floors of reactor 1 ~ 4 on the daily basis. Tepco still injects 600m3 of water to reactor 1