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Effects to be confirmed

Voice of the streets 4/1/2012

アパートに戻ってパパにメールしたら3段ボックスの下を見てごらん。とのメール。開けて見たらパパから一人一人に手紙が入ってた。字が読めない娘に読み聞かせると涙をポロポロこぼして泣いていた。息子は「もう泣くな!ぼくは男だし泣かないし」って。あんなに泣き虫だったのに目に涙ためて堪えてた。 — ☆junjun母子疎開3月末に決行☆ (@petsboobee) April 1, 2012 <Translate> (The wife/mother who evacuated with her kids. Her husband is remaining in Fukushima to work.) back to the apartment and texted to


All the laboratories refused to check the deformed rabbit

    Late April of 2011, an earless rabbit was born near the boarder of 30km zone. The video was bashed to say “don’t cause panic”. Now the rabbit is

Domestic and global Environment

Decreasing uncontaminated tap water

  Asaza fund, an NPO to save environment of Kasumigaura lake, where is the source of water in Ibaraki measured cesium from 34 rivers to flow into Kasumigaura lake. As


Black substance found in Katsushika ku Tokyo

大きな地図で見る     Following up this article..Increasing black substance in Tokyo Highly radioactive black substance was found in Mizumoto park of Katsushika ku  Tokyo too.     A Tokyo citizen


Disposal field of highly radioactive waste is in the river-head area of Minami soma

  Mr. Oyama, city councilor of Minamisoma shi warns highly radioactive waste will contaminate river-head area of Minamisoma. Currently, radioactive soil produced from decontamination in Iidate mura is deposited in

Natural disasters

Fukushima live camera moved

Following up this article..M6 in Fukushima Tepco and NISA announced there is no problem after the earthquake,but the Fukuichi live camera of Tepco was moved by the shock. It was

Natural disasters

M6 in Fukushima

M5.9 hit Fukushima offshore. Scale 5 in Hamatori. Nothing is observed to change from Fukushima live camera.     Source     Iori Mochizuki