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JP gov is shifting from decontamination to evacuation

Related to this article..88 km of the great wall is planned to barricade Fukushima contaminated zone Japanese government published their prediction that some areas will remain more radioactive than 20mSv/y


Cesium emission from reactor 2 increased 700%

Cesium emission from reactor 2 became 7 times much as March. It was 7 million Bq/h, which is almost the same level as October of 2011 (10 million Bq/h). Tepco


14,210 Bq/Kg of cesium beside school in Chiba

  Noda city Chiba measured 14,210 Bq/Kg and 8,650 Bq/Kg of cesium from soil taken in street gutters beside schools, announced on 4/24/2012. On 4/17/2012, Noda city took samples from


Farm gets full of mutated dandelions in Saitama

Following up this article..Mutated dandelion in Saitama   畑が奇形タンポポだらけ。茎が太く花が密集して咲き、ぐちゃぐちゃに。埼玉です。… — Hiroshi N (@hiroshi0414) April 25, 2012 <Translate> Mutated dandelions are everywhere in the farm. Fat stem and flowers are too