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Sea contamination

130,000 Bq/Kg of Iodine 131 was measured from seaweed in May of 2011

Last May, green peace had seaweed from offshore Fukushima analysed by Acro and SCK・CEN. They measured highly concentrated Iodine 131 from the samples.   Acro Sargassum horneri (52km South East from


Massive low atmospheric pressure is coming toward Fukushima

  A low atmospheric pressure grew to be as big as a typhoon in the west of Japan. It’s coming to Japan from the west. Japan will be under the


Black substance is covering all the Kanto area

Black substance (cyanobacteria) is spreading all over Kanto area. The very similar substance was found in Kashiwa Chiba, where is known to be a hotspot. ↓ It looks like mixture


Tokyo elementary school conceals contamination situation

Elementary schools in Tokyo are concealing the actual contamination situation to parents and decontaminate secretly. Arakawa ku in Tokyo refused to conduct radiation measurement for 8 months from 311 to


Fall-out spiked up in Fukushima again

According to the fall-out research of Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, the fall-out level spiked up from 3/30 to 3/31/2012. (Cesium 134 + 137 , MBq/km2) 3/30/2012 :