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Sea contamination

Sri Lanka analyzed the impact of marine contamination of Fukushima

<Quote> Tab on radioactivity in seas off Sri Lanka Disna MUDALIGE A special programme to monitor radioactive substances in the seas off Sri Lanka has been commenced by the Atomic


2567 Bq/kg from soil in Kashiwa

A media writer “Chidai” measured 2567 Bq/Kg of cesium from the soil of his garden in Kashiwa Chiba. He measured 110 Bq/kg from Chinese citron growing in the garden. The atmospheric


Deformation of dandelion in Adachi ku Tokyo

Deformed dandelion was found in Adachi ku Tokyo on 4/4/2012.     Source Iori Mochizuki


8μSv/h in Katsushika ku Tokyo

8μSv/h was measured under rain gutter in Kanemachi Katsushika ku Tokyo. This is near Mizumoto park.     Iori Mochizuki


[Live] Demonstration in front of prime minister’s official residence

  Currently all the nuclear plants are not generating power except for Tomaru genpatsu reactor 3 in Hokkaido. However, Japanese government is planning to restart Ooi nuclear plant in Fukui