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NISA investigated chemical complex in Iwakuni

Following up this article..Chemical complex had second explosion and radiation measurement is nearly impossible After fire was finally extinguished at 14:30 of 4/23, when 36 hours had passed from the


Fukushima citizen seppuku-ed to protest against Tepco

  Related to this article..JP Gov VS Japanese citizens By November of 2011, 2 citizens in Namie machi Fukushima commit suicide. The name of the first person is Matsumoto Hideyuki.


2 high school students got heat stroke in 22.9℃

Following up this article..Students hospitalized for heat stroke in Osaka, 22.1℃ 2 high school students were hospitalized for heat stroke in Kasaoka city Okayama. They are 15~16 and 16~17 years

Effects to be confirmed

Basist of Dragon Ash died of acute cardiac insufficiency

  Mr. Baba Ikuzo (IKUZONE), the basist of a Japanese rock band Dragon Ash, found down in his home studio because of acute cardiac insufficiency in the night of 4/21/2012.


Air pressure is increasing in container vessel of reactor 2

Air pressure of container vessel at reactor 2 has been increasing since 3/27/2012. 2号機の格納容器圧力が3/27から上昇しています。 Tepco assumes it is because the suction air system is not fully functioning. 東電は原因として内部のガスの吸出し機能に支障があることを推測しており At 11:59