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Food contamination

Settlement report 4/14~4/16/2012

Donation : 33.00 USD Expense : Grocery 25.00 USD Left in hat : 8.00 USD   Recently I got back the habit to devote myself into work as I’m listening


13,300 Bq/kg from the ash of firewood for dried bonito and concealed for 8 months

  On 4/12/2012, Yaizu fisheries processing industry cooperative and Cooperative YAIZU marine processing center announced they measured 13,300 Bq/kg of cesium from the ash of firewood for dried bonito back


Gas observed near reactor 3

Around 20:30 of 4/16/2012,  gas was observed coming up near reactor 3. ↓ Before gas come up.   ↓ When gas came up.   ↓ After gas came up.  


20% of the children in disaster area decreased weight

Following up this article..Children stopped growing in Fukushima Japan auxology academic society analyzed the growth data of 100 students living in Tsunami disaster area of Miyagi, from April, August to

Sea contamination

MEXT showed the contamination level lower than actual by 20%

  Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology admitted their monitoring data of sea water and sea ground around Fukushima plants were shown lower than actual by 20% at