The relationship between money and nuclear power in Japan

I’m sorry, I was a little nervous because of the heating reactor2.

I wonder if you could help me understand the relationship between money and nuclear power. Did the Japanese people get bribed by the nuclear industry in order to approve the power plants? Do they keep the power plants for the sake of jobs and profits? Are the politicians bought and corrupted by money? Can you shed some light on the relationship between money and nuclear power in Japan?

In 1954, a fisher’s boat called Daigo Fukuryu maru was exposed because US had a nuclear test just beside the boat in Bikini.
Massive demonstration was held in Japan against nuclear power, but politician couldn’t resist the temptation of “nuclear power/weapon” and imported nuclear plants from America. Nuclear power plant is the plutonium factory. Having nuclear facility means you are always ready to have nuclear weapons. It’s not that you need nuclear weapon because you have enemy. It’s that you need enemy because you have nuclear weapon to justify yourself. Educational instituions like Tokyo university, mass media, TV, Newspaper were all used for propaganda. Textbook, movies, TV shows, everything was designed to brainwash people though Japan had nuclear attack twice even apart from the poor fisher’s boar. That was in 1960. Japanese economy was rapidly rising by the strong centralization. Manufacture, education, media, everything was optimized for mass production so it was very easy to propaganda, unlike now everyone has the internet. Still old school are brainwashed and being pro-nuke in Japan.

Centralization caused rural areas poverty. so poor local governments wanted nuclear power plants for lots of corruption money. It produced more job opportunities like nuclear worker or service industries for those workers. They were all paid from tax and electricity bill which is totally out of market rule. so the local governments were more and more addicted to the nuclear economy.

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